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Although Kristen has unfortunately had to cancel her appearance at Breakout Beyond due to her filming of When In Rome, we're still going ahead with the fanbook! Ryan and Francis will be attending in her place, and as we know Ryan and Kristen are close, we will be giving him the book and asking him to pass it along to her.

The charity donations are also still going ahead as planned, Ryan and Jason are both involved with Invisible Children so we know they'll appreciate it! You can read more about how to donate HERE. We've raised over $250 so far, which is fantastic, so please keep donating!

rowanceleste is also putting together a fan project for Francis, which you can read about here. And if you want to write a letter for Ryan - type it out, or write and scan it, and email it to We'll be putting them all together and handing them to him at the con, so the more letters the better! The deadline for this will be Wednesday June 11th.

We know it's short notice, but hopefully we can get together something great for both of them :D
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