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Alright, who wants to hit pretty much every C/B shipper in the GG spoiler thread on FF? I have never known a more annoying group of people, the fact that everyone is now all "OMGZ LEIGHTON SUCKS!" because she said some not-so-awesome things about C/B is ridiculous. It's like the KBell/Lauren Graham thing all over again. People can be so frustrating. I thought lots of L/V fans were kinda psychotic, but I think the Chuck/CB fans have officially overtaken them in levels of crazy.

ANYHOO. I have finished my Kristen/Awesome people picspam, yay!

Kristen & Hayden Panettiere

KB: I’ve known Hayden Panettiere since she was 8 years old. Even then there was something spectacular about her. I was like, ‘I can’t pinpoint or articulate what it is, but there’s something so special about this girl.’ I feel like her big sister, seeing how she’s blossomed. I’m really proud of her.

HP: I’d like to keep Kristen around. I enjoy her. I have fun with her. She’s talented. She’s wonderful. I’m just never going to carpool with her again!

Kristen/Hayden = OTP. I adore them a ridiculous amount, they're hilarious and adorable, they have so much fun together and I just adore that they hang out so much off-set as well as on it. Kristen's like her big sister and she sounds so proud of her when she talks about her, it's just far too cute.

Kristen & Russell Brand

KB:The thing about Russell is when he’s on, he has the vocabulary of an alien and he is hysterical. But when he’s off and more just one on one, he’s – I don’t mean to ruin his street cred right now – but he is really kind and he is much softer. We had a lot of sex scenes together and we didn’t really know each other that well but he was so comfortable to work with and quite protective actually.

RB: I’m annoyed I didn’t get to be naked with Kristen. I’m very comfortable with her now.

Yeah, these guys have managed to zoom up my list for being so freaking awesome the past couple weeks. I kinda love how they spend the majority of their time together in interviews being ridiculous and insulting each other, but then they can be all adorable and hand-holdy too ♥ and I just love everytime Kristen talks about how sweet he was to her during their sex scenes, covering her up between takes. They're hilarious together, I love them, and I'm going to miss them. I'm totally going to email Russell and tell him to crash Breakout.

Kristen & Ryan Hansen

KB: Ryan Hansen, an actor from Veronica Mars, and his wife are two of my dearest friends.

Uh, how can you not love these two? They're pretty much the definition of awesome. I looove how close they are, I love how dorky they are, I love how much fun they have together, and I want to infiltrate Invisible Children and sneak into their awesome group of friends.

Kristen & Zachary Quinto

ZQ: Kristen and I have been friends for years. [..] Turns out they were actually writing scenes for the character that would become Kristen’s. So it was really interesting to get a text message from her a week later saying — Hey, some really great news. Call me when you get this, or I can just tell you when I see you on the set of OUR show.

KB: I would like to most interact with, and this is for two different reasons, for on and off camera reasons, with Zachary Quinto. Zachary Quinto has been a good friend of mine for almost ten years now. I’ve always wanted to work with him [..] he’s just the kindest, gentlest, most giving person.

These two are just the cutest. Friends for 10 years! You don't get much better than that. They such dorks when they're together, and they're so comfortable with each other. I'm still waiting to see that damn footage of them singing at Night of Sardie's, heh.

Kristen & Jason Dohring

JD: You know, I love doing scenes with Kristen, so it's fun. She's just really a remarkable individual and you wouldn't believe how she lights up a set. And particularly me, I can't believe it sometimes; her sense of humor. It's so funny. And I'm just like, "Does anybody else see this?" She's just a ball of magic, really.

KB: Jason Dohring has some James Dean qualities. He blinks or has a little wry smile, and the ladies go nuts.

So they come further down the list now, seeing as we've had nothing new for about a year, besides Kristen saying she TiVO's Moonlight, and the confirmation that they're still in contact ♥ but Breakout shall change that! And I'm sure I'll be fangirling as much as I did before. And I just had to include that cap from the CW promo, even though it sucks. She's jumping into his arms damnit, and I am forever bitter that it has that ridiculous white flash over it.

Kristen & Sophia Bush

So we pretty much have no idea when these two met, or if they actually hang out much at events besides posing for pics.. but the Old Navy pics clearly show that they're madly in love, and that's all I need. They are amazing, the end.

Kristen & Rachel Bilson

Nylon (on Rachel): She says she has met some great people working in Hollywood, specifically citing Olivia Wilde and Kristen Bell.


Pals Rachel Bilson and Kristen Bell were headed to Saks Fifth Avenue's bash for Christian Louboutin at L.A.'s S Bar the other night when they made a nauseating discovery. "We realized we were wearing the same shoes!" said Bilson, who had on a pair of dazzling red Louboutin pumps. To avoid a discomforting night, Bilson compromised. "I did a one-two switcheroo and put on my other favorite pair!"

There aren't all that many pics of them together, but I love that they're such good friends! They're adorable and gorgeous and they can actually stand next to each other and not feel like they're ridiculously small!

Kristen & Enrico Colantoni

EC: It's rare when two actors like each other so much. And slowly, I have become a surrogate father to her. And I guess she's a surrogate daughter. But my feelings for her were immediately paternal, and loving and I just appreciate her so much, and I think that's what comes off for both of us.

KB: Rico is one of the most generous individuals I've ever met and has taken on the role of father in my life. He's super-concerned for me about things and he's always asking how I am and if I'm okay. I feel like someone has that watchful eye on me; comfort and security – he really has that. We also get along really well. Our sense of humor is the same so we just laugh all day. He's a wonderful, wonderful man.

Ugh, these two are just so cute. Sorry, but Kristen/Enrico > Hayden/Jack ;) the quotes there pretty much sum up why I adore them, and I love that they still keep in touch now.

Kristen & Jason Segel/Mila Kunis

JS: I knew that at some point in my life I would like to make out with Kristen Bell, and if I could even be naked with her, what a dream that would be!

MK: One of these weeks I screwed up my shoulder, I came back to my room and Kristen went grocery shopping, and got me arnica gel, got me like a heating pad, got me some fruit and vegetables, she was like the mommy of the set. Like the best girl ever.

Most of their cuteness comes in vid/interview form so I squished them into one as I didn't have enough pics and was too lazy to cap much. But yeah.. best cast ever, seriously. Look at them! They're just adorable.

Kristen & The Heroes Cast

Greg: Now Kristen Bell, for those who don't know, is just the most charming, smart, peppy, funny, sexy, hot.. just such a great person. And, a great actor.

Masi: Kristen is an absolutely amazing individual both on and off screen. We’re great friends. Everyone has a crush on her.

Dania: Kristen Bell, I want to just take her home and put her in my house and just keep her there. She's amazing. I love her!

Sendhil: She's a sweetheart, she's a really great girl.

So yeah, I just adore her relationship with this entire cast. She fits in so well, and they all adore her. I'm going to be much more sad about her not being part of the cast anymore when she leaves, than her not being in the show.

Kristen & Random Awesome People
(Hilarie Burton, Lauren Graham, Blake Lively, Michelle Trachtenberg, Autumn Reeser, Zachary Levi, Minka Kelly, Jessica Alba, Marcia Cross, Kristin Kreuk, Ian Somerhalder & Christina Milian, Maggie Grace, Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles, Joss Whedon, Victor Garber, Melissa George, Christina Aguilera, Nora Zehetner)

Those of you wondering about the recent photos of Levi and Bell out and about together, Levi was quick to set the record straight. "She’s a friend of mine," he says emphatically. "PLATONIC. She’s so sweet and so talented. She’s great on Heroes, right? She’s wicked.”

In conclusion: Kristen hangs out with the most awesome people. Honestly, the only people left on my wishlist are Evangeline Lilly, Leighton Meester, and Emily Deschanel. Emily and Kristen will be at the same event next month, so that's a possibility. Leighton should be achievable while Kristen is in NY! Pleeeease. Evi may never happen, but I can hope.


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