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Ok, I have about a zillion Top 5s to do, so I decided to split the posts. This post contains everything to do with actor/actresses - the next will be TV/movie stuff. Although there may have to be more than one post for that section, LOL.

Top 5 Kristen Pics

(Don't even ask me how I narrowed it down to five, because I have no idea)

Top 5 Sophia Pics

Top 5 Kristen Interviews

Conan O'Brien - April 2005 {watch}
KB: He had some ass-less chaps on..
Conan: I think they they actually pixeled that out too, in the clip, I think they had to haze over his..
KB: It's for the better.

My fave by far! So, so funny. I love everything about it. The bit I quoted, her thumbs up when he saves himself a lawsuit,
the electric school girl skirts, and her liverman story. Hee.

Late Late Show - December 2004 {watch}
Sara: We got you.. superhero crayons! We got you the state crayon collection..
KB: This is sort of a toolbox, you can keep everything in here.
Sara: Look, and I know you like this.. sharpener on the back.
KB: Sharpener on the back! Yeah, that's helpful.

The whole colouring exchange is just the cutest thing.. ever ♥ she's so ridiculously adorable. The interviewer is really annoying though.

Ellen - March 2005 {watch}
Ellen: How old are you really?
KB: Twenty.. four.
Ellen: You say that reluctantly.
KB: Uh, because I'm turning 25, and I just wanted to remember if I had or had not turned 25 yet.
Ellen: And what is your birthday, I'll help you out.
KB: It's gonna be really embarrassing because it's in July, so..
Ellen: Yeah, you have not turned 25 yet.

These two are just hilarious together. Ditzy Kristen is adorable, and her impression of Shakes staring at the tv will forever be hilarious.

Craig Ferguson - February 2008 {watch}
KB: You can get neuticals, you can put them in, I researched it... because, when I had to neuter my dogs I thought this is such a shame, I feel like I'm
taking something away, and there's a website where you can get extra small to extra large. And I mean, ultimately it's a pretty penny, just for their dignity. Tell 'em to get over it.
Craig: Do they make them for humans..?
KB: I don't know.. DO YOU NEED THEM?!

Uh, that quote pretty much sums it up. I love Kristen and Craig together, you can tell he adores her, and their interviews are
always so much fun. I wanted to put the autumn zebra in one too but didn't have room!

Interview with Hayden - November 2007 {watch}
Interviewer: You both seem to be getting along very well today, is it hard when you have to sort of switch gears
and be at each others throats in a sense, when your characters sort of collide?
Hayden: No, it's fun, she just does her voice from Family Guy, and I go "Kristeeeen"
KB: She hates it!
Interviewer: Oh, we have to hear the voice from Family Guy, Kristen.
KB: No, No, I can't.
Hayden: Chriiiiis...
KB: Chriiiiis...
Hayden: The only time I will allow you to do the voice, do the voice.
KB: Chriiiiiiis... so stupid.

So, yeah, Kristen/Hayden interviews are the best, especially ones filled with as much giggling and adorableness as this one. I love them.

Top 5 Kristen Outfits

Top 5 Sophia Outfits

Top 5 Kristen Faces

Top 5 ZQKB Pics/Moments

Top 5 KBJD Pics/Moments

Top 5 Buckshotwon Videos

That is all for now! :)

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