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Sorry about the wait, but I've finally stopped procrastinating long enough to get this posted! I apologize that a lot of this is a little fuzzy, but Jason kinda has the ability to melt my braincells.


The opening ceremony started around 7:30. Mon and I grabbed a random table, and I didn't realize til later that Sam (sunnyringo) was sitting right opposite me, heh. I think maybe I was a liiittle bit pre-occupied waiting for the guys to arrive. Which, they eventually did. Sean introduced Mark, who was the MC for the weekend. He then introduced Michael, Jason, Robert, and Stacy.

I didn't get many pics here because there were way too many screaming fangirl heads in the way, and I may have been staring at Jason a little too much to be able to concentrate on taking pictures. And.. I don't really remember what was said. But I remember Jason and Michael looked pretty.

Then we went off to another room for the Meet & Greet. No photos from here, because we weren't allowed to take pics anywhere but in the main hall. We grabbed a table with two girls, Marie and Cat, and their mums, and another girl who'd flown in from Texas for this by herself. Which I thought was rather crazy. Marie and Cat had been to about a zillion conventions before, so were very chatty and calm about it all, which made Mon and I feel better as we were about to have nervous breakdowns thinking about Jason and Michael coming to sit at our table. Most of our table were there for the PB guests, but luckily Marie was there for both, so we chatted about VM with her for a bit before the guests arrived.

Jason was the first to come to our table, and he came over with Lauren, who is so pretty and tiny, and just adorable. We chatted for a bit about how many conventions we've each been to, and I told him me and Mon were pretty shy because it was our first time, and he said it was cool that we're shy because so is he, bless him. He said he loved getting to be here with everyone and chat with us though. Marie mentioned that Sean wanted Kristen at this event but he didn't sell enough tickets, to which Jason was all "Oh, really? Kristen's awesome, she is so cool." with this adorable little grin on his face. Marie asked him if he could tell us anything about the finale, but it was really nothing us spoiler whores didn't know already. We then got onto the inevitable Veronica/Logan/Piz debate, and Jason was like "But I think Piz would make a better husband, he's so nice". Yes, that is the one thing Jason said this weekend that I'd rather pretend he didn't, heh. He then mentioned Chris being on a new show but he couldn't remember what it was, so I told him it was the Grey's spinoff and then we discussed how Chris was cool but Piz was not. And then we talked a little bit about Logan in relation to the finale spoilers, which.. I guess I can talk about now the finale is over. We talked about the fights. In the middle of that though one of the stewards came and told him to move on, so he told us he hoped he'd see us all for pictures tomorrow morning and then grinned and left, and I started to breathe again. Seriously, I've heard so much about the stare, but it's so different actually experiencing it. I couldn't actually get anything out of my mouth when he was looking at me.

Next to come over was Stacy, who was a nice guy. I didn't really have too much to say to him considering I don't think I've ever seen a single thing with him in it, but it was interesting hearing him discuss things with the PB fans on the table, and he told us about how he was trying to get his son to stop riding a motorcycle, and he wishes he could buy him a Ferrari so he'd drive that instead, heh.

Mark came over next, who is so adorable. I didn't really know who he was either but he's so easy to chat to, we were just talking about his kids and other random stuff. And he was all mock-pissed at us because we were there for Jason and he said every single person he'd come across just wanted him out the way to get to Jason, hee. He asked me and Mon how old we were and he wouldn't believe we were 17. But hey, I'm used to getting told I look about 13. Mark told us he would look after us this weekend and if we needed anything then just give him a shout and he'd come help us out, and he'd be like our adopted dad. He was sweet. Robert came over while we were still chatting with him, and Mark told him not to even bother sitting down because we were only interested in seeing Jason. Hee. But he said he was sitting down whether we wanted him or not, and they sat together and fooled around for a bit. I think Robert was a little tipsy, he nearly sloshed his glass of wine all over the table. He was amusing though, so funny, and he unexpectedly gave Marie the T-Bag eyes and freaked her out. We talked some more about their kids, and Mark cracked us all up doing an impression of his 7 year old son who apparently walks around thinking he's some big stud, and told us he'd probably be trying to hit on us if he were here, heh. A steward came over to move them both on beause she said they were taking too long, so they had to go.

We then had to wait around forever for Michael to get to us, because the guy was taking about 15 minutes with every table. Jason, Stacy, Mark and Robert had gotten halfway round the second floor of tables while Michael was still only halfway round the first. That man can seriously talk. Just before he came over I saw Do (dresden_doll_01) introduce herself to Sam next to my table, so I was going to go over and say hi but then Michael had to pick that exact moment to finally come and sit down, heh. He is so awesome though. He apologized for taking so long and said once he starts talking he can't stop, which he then went on to prove. I can't really remember what we discussed, other than his dad building a house somewhere in Texas which was going to be huge and beautiful but extremely cheap. He also felt the need to tell us that Jason is a shy guy sometimes and that he will open up over the course of the weekend when he gets used to peoples faces and he is around him more, but he's always quite reserved at first around all the new people. He then went on to tell us that we weren't allowed to be shy, because "I'm just a normal guy, I take a shit just like you do." which was um.. comforting? Heh. The steward then ushered him away because he still had tons of tables to get through.

Mon and I didn't stay for the party that evening because we were ready to fall asleep at this point, so we just went up to bed.


We both had photo sessions with Jason on Saturday, so we went up early in the morning and luckily were near the front of the queue. It was so cold in that room though, and Jason and Michael were running late so we had to sit around for a while shivering. When they arrived I nearly died at how adorable Jason looked in his smart outfit. Jason's queue was the longest so they did him first, and Michael came over and told us none of us were getting past him without giving him a hug, so.. hug we did. Hee. When I got to have my picture taken I felt so damn short next to him, it was kinda scary. As is having Jason's arm around me. He stared at me and asked how I was and I think "Um, ok!" was all I managed to get out, heh. I was worried the picture would turn out crappy which I would not have been amused at considering we have to pay before we got it done, but luckily I'm quite happy with how it turned out.

We then went down to the main hall to get our seats for the guest talks. This was around 10:15 so we just sat and watched the Prison Break they were playing on the big screen for two hours. I was incredibly bored but I suppose it would have been better if I'd had a clue what was going on. The first talk was with Michael and Mark. Those two are so, so funny together. I'm sorry if I can't give much detail on the talks but they were all around an hour long and.. I just don't remember too much. But Michael got asked a lot about Lamb's death, so he was only too happy to talk a lot about it, very honestly, heh. Poor Mark was all miffed because people kept asking about Michael's death scene and no-one would ask him about his, hee. And there were many "I smell bread" jokes. Michael also told a cute story about one of the defining moments for him on the VM set. Kristen's dog had escaped her trailer and she was crying because it was dark and it could have gone and been run over, so he and Jason had been out trying to find it. Then the two of them were back in Jason's trailer, and he just felt that right now, so many girls would love to be in his position. Hee. He gushed a lot about Jason, it was cute.

Sorry about the evil heads in the way, but it's the best I could do. And no, I really didn't take many pics of the guests besides Jason and Michael, sorry, heh.

Next up was a talk with Stacy Keach. He's an interesting man because of his huge career, and it was funny hearing him talk about his jail time. And whatever the Taj Mahal thing in Prison Break was, which he was apparently annoyed about. But um.. not many details because I didn't have a clue what he was talking about due to all the PB stuff.

Next was a short break, in which I finally managed to catch up with Sam. I gave her my letter for the box, and she'd really done a great job with it, it was awesome. I thought she was going to faint at the thought of going up to give Jason the box during his talk though, bless her. I then realized Do was sitting in the row in front of me, so we chatted for a bit til the break was over.

Then came Jason's talk! He's so damn adorable I could die. The girls went up to give Jason the box, which I got on film. I won't upload it though, because we weren't supposed to film anything. He really appreciated it, and he went through it a little bit. Then afterwards he was all "Anymore presents?" hee. Again, I don't really remember everything that was said. He talked a lot about things he would change about Logan in S3, but he was very diplomatic about it and wouldn't put any of the blame on anyone but himself. He thinks he should have played Logan with a little more fire, and with less of the emo-ness. His KB gushing is also far cuter in person. He talked about her a lot, even when he was asked what his favourite band was he mentioned Postal Service and said they reminded him of her. I also have a cute video of him talking about what it's like to film the hotter scenes with Kristen, and with a bit about Charisma. His facial expressions are hilarious, as is "It wasn't like I was trying to get a little on the side or something. Sorry Lauren." hee. He also talked about his complete and utter embarrassment at the Deep Below, and urged us all not to watch it. Oops, too late!

Again, I didn't really get too many good pictures because there were heads in the way. And we were only allowed to use the flash in the first 5 minutes, and my camera sucks beyond belief when I'm not using it.

Next was a talk with Robert. He's a really cool guy, and fun to listen to. But like Stacy, there was much Prison Break stuff so none of it really registered.

We then went up to get our autographs. We could barely walk as our knees had seized up from sitting down for about 5 hours, but we just about made it. I had my S1 DVDs and an L/V still to get signed by Michael and Jason, but I really wanted to get something signed from the other guys too. But there was no way I was shelling out and buying photos for each of them, and I felt too cheap getting them to sign my schedule or badge or something when everyone else had spent money, so I ended up skipping them. Got to Michael and he signed my DVDs, and asked me if I'd stayed up late last night. I'm not sure if he asked because I look 12 and therefore should have been in bed by 8pm, heh, but I told him we'd skipped the party because we were so tired, and he said he was too. He's so smiley and energetic, it made me smile. Moved down to Jason, and the two people in front of me were getting a couple trading cards signed for their daughter or someone. They had one from the "Veronica Mars has accused me of evil" scene, and he drew a twirly moustache onto his face, and the women looked at him like he was crazy, so he had to explain it was part of the scene, hee. It amused me. When I got to him, he stared at me, so I couldn't open my mouth except to mumble a quick hello. He signed the back of my DVDs and tried to circle his name but didn't quite get it, and he was all "Um, I tried to circle my name but I kind of missed", heh. I just giggled like an idiot, because he really does cause my mouth to lose all function. Mon came over to get her t-shirt signed, and Jason wrote on it "Monique, you are so beautiful!" and then turned it over and wrote "beautiful" in capital letters on the back, with 0 0 underneath it. After he did it he kinda stared at it for a second, and then was all "Um, they're not supposed to be boobs, they're zeros!" hee.

Hung around the party that evening for a bit with Do, and bitched about Prison Break for a while because that's all they were showing on the big screen. But then they played An Echolls Family Christmas, which was awesome. During one of Veronica's voiceovers, when she describes her and Duncan's relationship as "steamy" everyone in the room just started killing themselves laughing. So funny. I don't think I'd ever even noticed that line before, heh. Jason and Michael popped in right at the end, was a shame they weren't there earlier. Talked with Marie in the party for most of the evening, then went outside where Michael was entertaining his adoring public. We sat on the sofa behind him and stared at his ass until we tired ourselves out and went to bed.


Today on the big screen was Mark's episodes of BSG. I've only seen S1 and the first couple eps of S2 so I have now completely spoiled myself, but nevermind. Mark was the first out for his talk. He really is so awesome. Someone said they couldn't be bothered to come out to the mic, so he came down to them, and decided to do the rest of his Q&A by walking aorund the audience to get his questions. Lots of talk of British and American TV, and why the Americans, if they like one of our TV shows, then feel the need to make their own versions. And.. I don't remember much else other than that.

Next up was the talk with Michael and Jason, which was just the funniest thing I've ever seen. So many great moments that I don't think I can even list them all. Highlights: "They're green, bitch.", the Lamb/Logan impressions (Michael doing the emo!sleeves = hilarious), both of them doing British accents which I also got on video, Michael confusing Jason with his long walks on the beach question, Lauren forging Jason's signature on Michael and Jaime's congratulations card, Michael hugging his cushion, and... other fun stuff.

Next was another talk with Robert and Stacy. Again, I kinda switched off.

Afterwards Mon and I went with Do and a few of her friends down to the pub for dinner, which was fun. Lots of talk of slashy porn fic, heh, and then came back in time for the closing ceremony. Michael came in just before everything started to tell us that he would be keeping it short tonight because he and his wife had to get an early flight the next day, and he was getting a cold so needed some rest, but that he'd be out in the lobby to say goodbye to everyone before he left. Because he's awesome like that. Then Jason walked in eating an apple, which is far too adorable. Sean talked about each of the guests seperately and each one stood up and gave little thank you speeches. Robert's was really sweet, he was nearly crying which nearly made me cry too. Sigh.

All the guests hung around afterwards to say goodbye to every one of us, and Mon and I had to go get the bus to the coach station so we went over to see Jason quickly. I'm.. not sure what I said, because he grabbed my hand in both of his and was staring into my eyes again, and I kinda zoned out. I think I told him we were leaving now and thanked him for coming, and that I hoped we'd get to see him over here again soon, to which he was all "Totally, I hope so, thank you for coming!" and was just generally adorable. We then went out and got hugs off Michael, and told him we hoped he had a nice time in Paris and felt better soon. He told me I was a sweetheart, so I was all "So are you!", heh. Seriously, I should just.. not open my mouth around them. Ever.

Mon and I hung around outside for a while waiting for our bus, and it took forever, so we were still outside when all the guests + Lauren and Jaime came out to get in their cars to go to dinner. We said another quick goodbye to both Jason and Michael, and once Robert was in the car he knocked on the window to get Mon's attention and was pointing her top and mouthing "Twiggy!" because she had a portrait of her on it, heh. He's adorable.

And they drove off.. and that was the end. Which I'm sure you're all very thankful for if you actually managed to read this entire thing :\ I did babble a bit. Oops.
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