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[Merlin - Keep Calm & Blame Sorcery]

Tidbits: Sample of Part Two of Evil!Sam Verse

I'm tryin' to hook ya'll in. Is it working, or no?

This is only just a sample of the second part to my mini Evil!Sam video verse. It's only about forty seconds done to the first chorus and gives an idea with how the series will continue on.

I left Sam alive for good reason in the last video - he continues on with his murder and destruction rampage in the second installment, leaving behind a trail of remains that Dean discovers in his search for his brother. After seeing what his brother has done, what will happen when the boys once again confront eachother?

Yeah, you totally don't get to know the super sekrit ending till you watch the completed version. Partially 'cause where's the fun in that? but mostly 'cause I'm still tryin' to work out how to accomplish the ending in a way that leaves it open to a third and final video.

This was probably way too long-winded for just a WIP sampling. Here it is if you'd like to get a taste of it before the completed version goes up in a few days [hopefully].

Song: Changes - Three Doors Down