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Supernatural VID

Yet another video produced while being sick. Clearly, there is something not right with me.

Supernatural action video featuring clips from Seasons 1 - 3 with a tiny clip from 4. Set to the song "Cure For The Itch" by Linkin Park.


Switched the embedded version to YT. You can watch at Imeem here if you'd prefer.

Possible download link to come later when my internet stops being sucky. Now in handy downloadable form: Sendspace - 16MB
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SPN VID - Dean/Jessica Sam/Jessica


So this is a Dean/Jessica and a Sam/Jessica video with a bit of unrequited Wincest thrown in for good measure. Been working on it on and off for awhile now and this is the result.

Title: Better Than You Had It
Song: Say (All I Need) - One Republic
Summary: The Winchester boys are living a normal live, well as normal as two brothers can when they hardly speak to each other. One day Dean spots Jessica in a diner, unaware of who she is until he visits Sam. The attraction is instant - for both of them. While Jessica loves Sam, Dean seems to offer her something she's been missing. Dean, on the other hand, has his own reasons for his attraction to Jessica - reasons that lead to resolute actions between all three. [Side Note: The first thirty seconds take place after the final events in the video. Just to avoid confusion ^_^]

Your basic, boy meets girl, boy loves brother, boy can't have brother so he takes the next best thing, girl proceeds to make impulsive decisions that may or may not lead to disastrous ends.


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Big Bang Art - VID

This year I was lucky enough to once again work with nu_breed, who created such an amazing story that it made my job pretty darn easy.

a look from you...

Title: A Look From You And I Would Fall From Grace
Story By: nu_breed
Art By: wordplay__
Summary: Tuesday in Broward County sucked beyond the telling of it, but Wednesday is a thousand times worse and Sam isn't waking up to find his brother alive, not this time.
The Trickster's out there, and there are people who need him, but Sam's hell-bent on a path of self-destruction and desperate to hold onto Dean in every way he possibly can. Even if it means sacrificing himself in the process.

Note: This video follows the story as a whole, rather than being a trailer of the fic. So it's best to read the story first so that everything makes sense!

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It was so much fun working with her and being able to have her around during the entire process was fantastic. I honestly cannot say enough about all the help she gave me throughout the past couple of months. I couldn't have asked for a better person to work with! Thanks so much for being just comletely overall awesome!

Also, a big thank you goes out to wendy and audrarose for pulling this all together for the second year in a row! You guys are amazing! \o/

Now go! Shoo! What are you crazy people doing over here if you haven't read the fic first?! ^_^
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Supernatural VID

This is the video I did for candygramme for Sweet Charity. She was completely awesome to work with, giving me amazing songs and ideas to work with. Thank you so very much for bidding on me and for being so patient!

Song: For My Brother - Blue October
Summary: The boys' relationship as it has been shown these past three years.
Disclaimer: Not mine.


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ETA: For some unknown reason, iMeem is throwing the synch off [unless it's just on my computer, then you can totally ignore this], if that's the case, let me know and I'll see what I can do. The DL version should be working fine, the beats should match up in any case. But let me know if that's also funking up, 'kay? Thanks!

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So remember when I said I was taking a break? Yeah, I lied.

But! It's a special occasion and all today; it's not every year that February has 29 days.

As far as excuses go, I admit it's a pretty lame one, but hey! Lookit! Video! Oooh!


Title: I Live To Die Another Day
Song: "Until The End" - Breaking Benjamin
Characters: Focused 99% on Sammy, with a small dose of Dean thrown in
Summary: After losing Dean, Sam begins to spiral downward. Sort of an AU of "Mystery Spot", I suppose.
Warnings: All US Aired Episodes Fair Game

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new - last VID Demon!Sam

I'm taking a long break from videos, so I figured I'd put out this last one for any still interested. Made for xtinethepirate cause she always has the BEST ideas. Anyway, I shamelessly stole her idea and ran with it. This is the result.

Also, this is the first I've ever actually done a graphic for one of my videos. Even if I'm the only one, I find it neat. ^_^


Title: tell me [how it should be]
Song: Diary Of Jane - Breaking Benjamin [Acoustic Version]
Warnings: All aired episodes fair game. Just so ya know.
Summary: Things take a drastic turn of events as Sam realizes his full potential as a "special" child. Only, things don't go quite so smoothly in his plan to take over. Recruiting those he believes to be allies and destroying those who stand in his way, Sam finds it's not so easy trying to be the 'boy king'.

Featuring Demon!Sam and Dean, with special appearances from Ruby and Casey from Sin City.

Just who can a demon trust in this town?

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i sold my soul [just to hide the lie] - Sam/Dean VID

This is a continuation from my last vid '...our sky fell down...'. Which you can find here at my LJ ---> '...our sky fell down...'

Summary: This takes place directly after the call in OSFD - with Sam trying to stay as far away from Dean as is possible and Dean following Gordon's lead in hunting down every single evil SOB he can find, damned the consequences. This'll focus more on what Dean has been up to with a few twists and turns thown in. [Sam, Dean, Gordon, Ellen]

Song: "Farther Away" - Evanescence

i sold my soul
just to hide the lie

and now i see
what i really am
a thief, a whore
and a liar

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our sky fell down Sam/Dean VID

Just posting here too as usual.

Title: our sky fell down

Summary: Sam pushes his relationship with Dean past the breaking point. Tired of Sam drifting away from him, Dean takes drastic measures to guarantee that it won't happen again. Once Dean begins to hunt on his own, will he be able to cope with what he's becoming? What will Sam do once he realizes what Dean has done? [Sam/Dean, Wincest, also featuring teeny tiny hints of Sam/Madison, Sam/Sarah, Sam/Jo, Sam/Jessica & Dean/Cassie - but seriously, so very, very tiny that even if it isn't your thing, you should be alright with this video]

Song: "Over" - Evan's Blue

you'd better crawl
on your knees
the next time
you say that you love me

fall on your knees
'cause this time i won't be so kind

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