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Random Icon Batch - 42 [SPN, Halloween, Adrianne Palicki, etc.]

Here's some icons I've had sitting on my computer for awhile and some I just messed around with tonight. Enjoy :)

03 - Natalie Portman
04 - Psych
05 - Orlando Bloom
07 - Supernatural [Including 4.04, Sam/Dean, Dean/Castiel]
09 - Halloween/Autumn
14 - Adrianne Palicki

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Updates & SPN Icons

It's been way too long since I did a proper update, huh? SO sorry about that. RL has just been kicking my butt lately.

After we got back from North Carolina I jumped back into work straight away. Need to save up as much as I can for college, which is less than a month away. Where did the time go? I'm kinda ready to get back though, I've been pretty bored and I'm pretty sure my brain has turned to mush over the summer.

Last week I had to leave work though 'cause my hips were killing me. My sister took me to the doctor and they did some x-rays at the hospital. Turns out I've got arthritis. Isn't that just awesome? They've got me on an anti-inflamatory right now, so we'll see how well that works out. I'm already taking pain killers for my knees. I really despise pills. When you've got to take ten pills a day, every day, for a week after an apendectomy, you lose the love for 'em.

Still trying to convince my momma to let me go to Chicago for my 21st. Isn't that still just the oddest thing? That she's willing to let me go way down to Texas but not drive the four hours it takes to go to Chicago? I could be sneaky about it, but I don't really like being sneaky with my mom. Besides, she'll know. She always knows.

I had a blast on my vacation to the Smokies though. Lots and lots of pictures taken, which I'll show probably this weekend sometime when I can get them uploaded [including me & Giantor Superman]. And lots and lots of ear poppage going on up there. We went gem mining, which was pretty cool. Got a lot of sapphires and rubies. Just one to four carat sized ones, though. No big one's to be found. I was going to get them cut and set into a necklace when we got back into town but I've just been so busy that I haven't found the time. But, when I do, I'll be sure to show it to ya'll. I'm quite proud of finding the biggest stone out of my family. Not an easy task though, since they all just look like rocks. But after the third of fourth time mining, ya kinda get a feel for it.

Anywho, nothing really going on around internet-land for me at the moment. Extremely behind on Big Bangs, but that just means more goodies to go through later down the road.

Speaking of Big Bang, have ya'll read nu_breed's amazing story yet? A Look From You And I Would Fall From Grace? Seriously, it's one of the best Supernatural stories I've read. Period. Plus, it's got the bonus awesomeness of being set during Mystery Spot in those six months Sam was alone. Oh yeah, and I kinda did a vid for it.

Annnd to wrap this disconjointed post, I've signed up for yet another challenge. This time around I'm making icons. One hundred of them. Over at spn100iconsThis sould be interesting. ^_^

Here, have a look at what I've done so far:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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Random Icons - Jared, Jensen, Sam, Dean, Veronica Mars & A Moose

Howdy everyone, and a good Hump Day to you all ^_^

Killed some time this morning before I have to go to work and made these bad boys. As in, like, literally BAD boys, in my opinion. But I shall get better!

01. Photobucket 02. Photobucket
03. Photobucket 04. Photobucket

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Hope someone enjoys at least one of 'em!

An actual report on the goings-on of Heather to come soon, I promise!