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Big Bang Art Post #2 - A Haven In A Heartless World [Sam/Dean]

For my second big bang I chose xela_fic's spectacular story, 'A Haven In A Heartless World'. It was the first summary to really grab my attention and after reading it fully I'm even more in love with it, and after reading you will definitely understand why!

Title: A Haven In A Heartless World
Summary: [Alternate season 1] A lot can happen in four years. People grow and change and life goes on. Sam sees Dean for the first time in four years at his graduation from Stanford. This sets of a chain of events that make them acknowledge past mistakes, present desires, and future plans. They both have secrets—some big, some small; some tiny and fragile and the biggest secret of them all—not to mention a wealth of history between them. But family is the only haven in a heartless world, and no one knows this better than the Winchesters.
Word: ~72,000

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