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SPN VID - Flawed Design


Title: Flawed Design
Song: 'Flawed Design' - Stabilo
Featureing: Sam, Dean, Ruby & Castiel
Summary: Two brothers on two entirely seperate paths must realize they have to come together.

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Beneath the cut you can watch through YouTube. Again, I suggest hitting the HQ button if you do.

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I'm actually really pleased with this one, so be sure to let me know what you think! ♥
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So remember when I said I was taking a break? Yeah, I lied.

But! It's a special occasion and all today; it's not every year that February has 29 days.

As far as excuses go, I admit it's a pretty lame one, but hey! Lookit! Video! Oooh!


Title: I Live To Die Another Day
Song: "Until The End" - Breaking Benjamin
Characters: Focused 99% on Sammy, with a small dose of Dean thrown in
Summary: After losing Dean, Sam begins to spiral downward. Sort of an AU of "Mystery Spot", I suppose.
Warnings: All US Aired Episodes Fair Game

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new - last VID Demon!Sam

I'm taking a long break from videos, so I figured I'd put out this last one for any still interested. Made for xtinethepirate cause she always has the BEST ideas. Anyway, I shamelessly stole her idea and ran with it. This is the result.

Also, this is the first I've ever actually done a graphic for one of my videos. Even if I'm the only one, I find it neat. ^_^


Title: tell me [how it should be]
Song: Diary Of Jane - Breaking Benjamin [Acoustic Version]
Warnings: All aired episodes fair game. Just so ya know.
Summary: Things take a drastic turn of events as Sam realizes his full potential as a "special" child. Only, things don't go quite so smoothly in his plan to take over. Recruiting those he believes to be allies and destroying those who stand in his way, Sam finds it's not so easy trying to be the 'boy king'.

Featuring Demon!Sam and Dean, with special appearances from Ruby and Casey from Sin City.

Just who can a demon trust in this town?

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i sold my soul [just to hide the lie] - Sam/Dean VID

This is a continuation from my last vid '...our sky fell down...'. Which you can find here at my LJ ---> '...our sky fell down...'

Summary: This takes place directly after the call in OSFD - with Sam trying to stay as far away from Dean as is possible and Dean following Gordon's lead in hunting down every single evil SOB he can find, damned the consequences. This'll focus more on what Dean has been up to with a few twists and turns thown in. [Sam, Dean, Gordon, Ellen]

Song: "Farther Away" - Evanescence

i sold my soul
just to hide the lie

and now i see
what i really am
a thief, a whore
and a liar

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our sky fell down Sam/Dean VID

Just posting here too as usual.

Title: our sky fell down

Summary: Sam pushes his relationship with Dean past the breaking point. Tired of Sam drifting away from him, Dean takes drastic measures to guarantee that it won't happen again. Once Dean begins to hunt on his own, will he be able to cope with what he's becoming? What will Sam do once he realizes what Dean has done? [Sam/Dean, Wincest, also featuring teeny tiny hints of Sam/Madison, Sam/Sarah, Sam/Jo, Sam/Jessica & Dean/Cassie - but seriously, so very, very tiny that even if it isn't your thing, you should be alright with this video]

Song: "Over" - Evan's Blue

you'd better crawl
on your knees
the next time
you say that you love me

fall on your knees
'cause this time i won't be so kind

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3/5 Vid Requests Completed

These are three of the video requests I've got finished thus far. Just posting them in my own LJ for myself and anyone else who'd like to watch em'.

Title: Get Outta This One
Song: Better Get A Lawyer - The Cruel Sea
Summary: Just the boys doing one of the things the boys do best - getting into trouble with the law.
Featuring: Sam, Dean, Agent Henrickson and a fair amount of the boys in blue
Disclaimer: Supernatural = not mine.

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Title: When I'm Gone
Song: When I'm Gone - 3 Doors Down
Summary: Sam knows Dean's wishes regarding the crossroads deal, the consequences, and yet, he just can't let his brother die. Will Dean step in once again to save his baby brother before it's too late?
Disclaimer: Supernatural = not mine.

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Title: lost in the ashes of time
Song: "Afterglow" - INXS
Characters: Sam/Dean [can be seen as not, however]
Summary: After Dean's time is up, Sam can't stop the memories of their past together from flooding back to him. Meanwhile, a twist in the plan has Dean trying to contact Sam from the other side. But why?
Disclaimer: Supernatural = Not Mine

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Perfect Denial - Sam/Dean Video

This is dedicated to monchy because I'm a sucky friend and missed her birthday. And if she doesn't like it, she can boss me around all she wants for a video of her choosing. ♥ Happy belated Birthday, sweetie!

Title: Perfect Denial
Song: "Beautiful Lie" - 30 Seconds To Mars
Pairing: Sam/Dean - That's wincest, yo
Summary: Sam runs away. Dean makes a wish and can't deal. Sam learns the truth. Is any of this real?
Warnings: Again, wincest. So, ya know, that's twice warned. And I've used a few clips from 3x05 - Bedtime Stories, as well as clips from season one and two.
I own nothing but my imagination - and I doubt it's worth much.

Edit: Okay, well every streaming site seems to have an issue with me, so here's just the download link for now and when I'm around later, I'll try again from a different computer. Hopefully, that'll help. Success!

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Lastly, does it bother any of ya'll that I don't cut these in my journal? If it does, please, let me know and straight under a cut it'll go.
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Evil!Sammy - Lose Control Music Video Complete!

I finished! With an assist from Dayquil at two in the morning. But still, the important thing is that I finished, with or without the aide of medication is besides the point. Unless the result is crack. In which case it would hopefully be good crack and you would laugh and still love me.

And this could still be the Dayquil talking.

Evil!Sammy, yes! This is Alby's doing, for she is my Evil!Sam muse, even if she doesn't realize it, and I love her for it muchly. And I dedicate it to Xtine 'cause she's always, always, always encouraging me and making me smile, even if *she* doesn't realize it, and I love her muchly for it as well. Oh heck, I love my whole Flist for many and various reasons. You should each get an individual cookie of your choice and a thousand and one 'thank you's for all that you've done. Each of you are awesome in my book, in which you all get shiny gold stars. I don't even care that I may sound crazy, 'cause sometimes we are seriously lacking on the love and I ain't afraid to spread some! ♥

So this really got split into a crazy love ranting/music video post.

This is my second attempt at working with Evil!Sam. It's an AU video set to Evanescence's "Lose Control", picks up with Sam vanishing after seeing the YED and continues on with what happens afterwards and Dean's search for Sam. Possibly the first of a mini-series of videos. Possibly not, depending on the reaction it gets. I had a lot of fun making this video, so I really hope you enjoy it!

No downloadable linkage quite yet as I have decided I hate the internet for the moment and YouTube is completely to blame.

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spn_j2_bigbang posting #2

Here is my final contribution to the Big Bang challenge:

Title: Spark

Story By beatperfume

Summary: Firefighter Dean Collins has a past he can't remember and a very normal life. Until he meets Sam, a mysterious kid who introduces him to the world of the supernatural. But while Dean is falling for Sam, his past is catching up with him.

The song used is called "Belong" by Deccatree.

Warnings: This is more following the actual storyline [with a few creative liberties] than a trailer-esque type video, so I'd advise reading the story first, just in case it doesn't make too much sense.

Download available from SendSpace here. Updated as of 9/17/08

Notes: Working on both of the stories I had the privilege of creating videos for was truly wonderful. It was such a blast and I had a lot more fun that I had anticipated coming in to it [deadlines scare me a bit]. I am thankful to alwayseven, nu_breed and beatperfume for allowing me to be a part of the phenomenal stories that inspired me and that I immediately fell in love with. Also, to Alby for so subtly pointing me in the right direction in the first place. ♥
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May Birthdays

With Big Bang going on, I'm afraid I'm going to be even more scatter-brained than I already am, so May birthday videos are going to be coming early because I will probably end up forgetting them if I don't post them early.

Okay! Up first is strippedpink's birthday, which is actually on the 14th. Now, I know how much of a Sam girl you are, Linds, but hopefully you'll forgive me for leaning a bit more towards Dean in this. A few weeks back you had mentioned wanting to see a video done to ".45" and while I'm sure you were able to find some out there, I wanted to give you one that was made especially for *you*. So! Happy [early] birthday, Linds, I hope you like it. ♥

*I have no idea what's up with the green lines that Imeem seems to enjoy placing on my videos, it's not on the downloadable version*

And if you'd like to keep it for whatever reason:

Lindsay's Birthday Video
Watch / Download