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Chicago Autographs

Per usual, I tried getting all the guests to sign my doodle poster. The results have turned out to be hilarious.

I'm pretty sure she recognized the lack of girl power representing on my poster so she drew "her fave girl, Julie".


No one really seemed to notice the entire top half of the poster as being completely blank, thus Aldis found a tiny clear spot and drew a Gabe head. ^-^ *smishes him* I have a new appreciation for Aldis love.


Oh my lord. Okay, back story. I had everyone else's autograph tickets except for Julie's, as I didn't properly balance out my budget and couldn't afford it by the end of the weekend. Well, my favoritest CM [faninohio] completely surprised me by buying one for me so that my poster wouldn't be incomplete. Sweetest and bestest CM on the planet ♥ So it's just CM and I in line, as Julie's aren't included and no one else really wanted/needed one. I'm first and I let Julie know what's going on and she was sort of flustered and telling us how she sucked at drawing. Has she looked at the poster? Stick figures are completely acceptable forms of doodling. ^-^ I'm not really sure how she got around to drawing Jensen, though I think CM is somehow the culprit behind that one. Most things Ackles related are. She's completely behind the doodling though and gives it some thought saying that people will just have to wait, she's about to doodle. Anyway, she draws a little circle for the head and is attempting the hair while saying something along the lines of "he's got that spikey kind of hair, right?" O_o I'm sorry, I couldn't help it, but I asked her how she gets intimate with the man and not notice these kinds of details. It was hilarious at the time. She laughed and drew his "pouty sexy lips" look, while trying to think of what else to draw I told her she should give him a shotgun or something. So she draws this little line and pauses because she doesn't know how the gun should look when CM pipes up from behind that it could be a stake. Thus, Dean Winchester is armed with a wee little stake! Adorable. So after that Julie is looking it over to see how it looks and CM suggests that Julie should give him Jazz Hands. Which cracks Julie up and she immediately latches on to the idea of giving Dean Jazz Hands. Brilliant.


Words cannot express how much respect and love I have for this man after this weekend. The guy is a damn saint and deserves anything he asks for in life. I'm a little hazy on the details, but I believe they started his autograph session earlier than the other three guys that day by a few hours as Creation knew it took him a bit longer than the others. So he started something like two hours earlier than the others, around 5:30 or so, and didn't get through the line until 1 in the morning. And I know he's recently not been feeling well which just pushes my respect for the guy up that much more. Anyway, things are moving pretty slow and I'm a few rows up from the rest of the gang but I had this theme all week where I didn't want to go up to things without back up, so my plan was to wait back with the others but seeing how slow Jim's line was going, I went ahead and jumped in that line so I wouldn't be waiting all night since the others had decided they wouldn't be waiting for Jim's since it was getting to be so late. Jim has already signed my doodle poster in Dallas last year, so I wasn't really planning on having him sign it again. But this really awesome chick gave me an extra autograph ticket for him so I went with it and figured I'd ask him to draw Misha as no one else had and I didn't figure anyone else would. And Jim's doodle of Jensen is made of win and I knew he'd awesome. He did not disappoint.


For clarification: "I'm Castiel. I think people think I'm cute." ALSO, I could not love more the location to which he decided to place Castiel. Dean+Castiel=BFFS4EVA. Even Jim Beaver is aware of this knowledge. Also, that bow leg seems to be catching.

Then, a few hours later, me and B2 [rougegambit] decided we wanted Micky D's [HAPPY MEAL!! \o/] so I offered to get CM's book signed while I was down that way, as I knew she really wanted it signed and it would mean a lot to her especially. That's part of another longer story that I'll tell later. The short version is that I missed him in the ballroom but I had the chance to talk with him at the dessert party when he showed up a little after one. There was only about twenty fans left since all the other celebrities had come and gone, so Jim was sitting at each table that was left for a good chunk of time. After some conversation with Jim [and asking the other three amazing ladies at our table if they would be okay with it] I decided I had to risk it and explained the situation to him. And even though the man had *just* been signing for more than seven hours and had to be completely wiped, he grabbed the book straight away and signed a really sweet and warm message to CM. He asked how she was doing and completely understood how much it meant to her. Just. The sweetest man alive, Jim Beaver is. Like I said, he's a saint.

This story is going to be told SO much better by CM, but I'll give it a go. We were being lazy and didn't feel like standing after getting Julie's autograph so we all sat down waiting for Rob's line to get short. We ended up being pretty much last in line with shannenb, just hanging out, and it was well worth the wait. I go first and roll our my poster for him to do his doodling. This time I'm sure to point out the lovely area to the top which is completely blank so that he has more room to work with. So he leans over to get as high up as he can and draws this adorable little flasher version of Castiel before signing his name, being sure to include "Chuck" underneath "so that way you'll remember who it was." As if I could forget. I thank him and scoot over a little bit and as there's not really a line and no nazi creation members around to usher me away, I stick around to watch him do the rest of the posse's. I'm gonna let them share that particular hilarious story but I will share that it ended in CM asking for one of the spare Sharpies laying by him, which he allowed, so I leaned over to snag a silver sharpie as well. ^_^ WHAT? I'm the baby of group! They were CLEARLY teaching me bad behaviors all weekend long. Monkey see, monkey do, dammit. Seriously, it was the best autograph session of the entire weekend.


TIED. FOR. BEST. Lord, I love this man. I truly do. As I said, I kinda just let the guests decide to doodle whomever they wanted [except Jim] so I was excited to see who Misha would choose. He kinda turns the poster so that he can get near the top [smart boy knew there was no space at the bottom] and started drawing these bumpy arm things and what I first thought were breasts but Misha clarified saying that it was Jared's huge pecs. I should've known it'd be Jared. He tops it off with tiny little legs as he ran out of room but I like to think it was totally intentional. It's more amusing that way.


Well, crap. I forgot to take an individual shot of Traci's doodle, but you can pretty well see it in this picture. She drew herself rising up as an angel. Little booty and all.



I'm actually quite proud of it. I love how it's filling up and that the stars are totally cool with the idea of poking fun of a co-star.

And for those that I had already had sign my poster at previous conventions [and those that "ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DO PERSONALIZATIONS"] I created my own poster that had all of the guests pictures from the con on it. Except for Richard. But he got over that pretty quickly.


I felt *SO* bad about not having Richard on my poster, as I think he's completely wonderful, but like he told me, there was no way I could've know, even *he* didn't know. So he took it upon himself to draw himself into the poster. N'awww. He's actually really good at doing cartoon type doodles.

We were in Jared's line first and I knew going in that there was no one either of the guys was going to be able to doodle for me, but after Misha's brilliant doodle, I had to at least show Jared. So I had my homemade poster and doodle poster with me and his handler is a very nice lady who was handling a few other people previously that weekend and was already clearing stuff aside so I could roll out my poster, but again, I knew he wasn't going to doodle so I just unrolled it enough to show him Misha's handiwork, letting him know that I knew he couldn't retaliate but I had to share. He snorted and grinned saying "that jerk" while pulling my mini-poster to him. He sorta paused a moment and I was like "feel free to call him a jerk by his face". To which he took a moment before adding his own little contribution:


Jared Padalecki, a grown man, calling Misha Collins a "butt face". ♥ Jared really turned out to be quite the little rock star in my eyes over the weekend.

There was much Jensen Drama to be had in his auto line, which is someone else's to tell. I'll just say that for me, it went super fast and I was afraid he wouldn't even look up at me again but since there was said Jensen Drama going on behind me I made sure to thank him, to which he looked up with this huge grin and said you're welcome. Puddle of goo moment, that right there.

So final tally of characters drawn thus far:

3 Sam Winchester/Jared
2 Dean Winchester/Jensen
2 Castiel/Misha
2 Andy/Gabe
1 Bobby/Jim
1 Impala
1 Dead Pamela
1 Anna/Julie
1 Ash/Chad

My god that got to be another long ass post on nothing more than autographs. Sorry you guys! I guess I get rambly over stupid non important stuff. This is why I don't do reports. Sorry if I bored ya! ♥
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