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Fandom SALE

We've had a family emergency and are in serious need of cash, so I've decided to sell off some of the things I've collected over the years in different fandoms to try to help out. I wanted to ask ya'll first before trying ebay to let you have first dibs if you're interested. There's TV box sets, Star Wars items, Supernatural items, and Lord Of The Rings items.

I'm not very good at pricing things, so if you see something you like just comment with an offer! I'll screen the comments or, if you feel more comfortable, you can email me at wordplay_86@yahoo.com

TV Box Sets:

Angel Season Two - I've only watched one disc
Dark Angel Season One
One Tree Hill Season One - Only watched once
Friday Night Lights Season One - Only watched once
House Season One - Brand New, never opened
Tru Calling Complete Series - Only watched once


Smallville - Whodunnit
Smallville - Silence

Star Wars Jedi Apprentice Special Edition Deception
Star Wars Jedi Quest - #1 The Way Of The Apprentice
Star Wars Jedi Quest - #3 The Dangerous Games
Star Wars Episode II Attack Of The Clones
Star Wars Jedi Trial [A Clone Wars Novel]
Star Wars Legacy Of The Jedi/Secrets Of The Jedi
Star Wars The Approaching Storm
Star Wars Labyrinth Of Evil
Star Wars Dark Lord The Rise Of Darth Vader
Star Wars Revenge Of The Sith [Hardback]
Star Wars Truce At Bakura [OT Novel]


Supernatural Issue #1
Supernatural Issue #2
Supernatural Issue #3
Supernatural Issue #4
Supernatural Issue #5

Star Wars/LOTR/Star Trek Misc:

Star Wars Double Sided Good/Evil Vader Helmet Episode III 500 pc Puzzle
Star Wars Episode III Anakin/Obi-Wan Duel 100 pc Puzzle
Star Wars Episode III Obi-Wan 50 pc Puzzle
Burger King Watches - Complete Set Of Six [Maul/Obi-Wan, Yoda/Dooku, Anakin/Vader, Luke/Stormtrooper, Han/Boba, Leia/Jabba]
Burger King Kid Toys - [too many to name but the complete set of toys, so if you're interested in someone, just let me know]
Star Wars Episode I Yoda Magic Eight Ball Toy from Taco Bell
Star Wars Anniversary Pez Set
Star Wars M&M Obi-Wan/Grievous figures

Lord Of The Rings Promotional DVD Release buttons - Complete set from Return Of The King and an almost complete set of Fellowship of the Ring

'Dean's Bar' Shotglass
'Jared's Bar' Shotglass
Star Trek Spock Glass From Burger King
Star Trek Kirk Glass From Burger King
Star Trek Uhura Glass From Burger King

If there's any thing from a set that you just want one of [ie the toys or buttons], just let me know! I've also got a ton of movie trading cards from Star Wars if you're interested.

Feel free to direct anyone you might think be interested in anything! Thank you guys! ♥
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