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i sold my soul [just to hide the lie] - Sam/Dean VID

This is a continuation from my last vid '...our sky fell down...'. Which you can find here at my LJ ---> '...our sky fell down...'

Summary: This takes place directly after the call in OSFD - with Sam trying to stay as far away from Dean as is possible and Dean following Gordon's lead in hunting down every single evil SOB he can find, damned the consequences. This'll focus more on what Dean has been up to with a few twists and turns thown in. [Sam, Dean, Gordon, Ellen]

Song: "Farther Away" - Evanescence

i sold my soul
just to hide the lie

and now i see
what i really am
a thief, a whore
and a liar

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Tags: angst, au, spnmusicvideo

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