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Perfect Denial - Sam/Dean Video

This is dedicated to monchy because I'm a sucky friend and missed her birthday. And if she doesn't like it, she can boss me around all she wants for a video of her choosing. ♥ Happy belated Birthday, sweetie!

Title: Perfect Denial
Song: "Beautiful Lie" - 30 Seconds To Mars
Pairing: Sam/Dean - That's wincest, yo
Summary: Sam runs away. Dean makes a wish and can't deal. Sam learns the truth. Is any of this real?
Warnings: Again, wincest. So, ya know, that's twice warned. And I've used a few clips from 3x05 - Bedtime Stories, as well as clips from season one and two.
I own nothing but my imagination - and I doubt it's worth much.

Edit: Okay, well every streaming site seems to have an issue with me, so here's just the download link for now and when I'm around later, I'll try again from a different computer. Hopefully, that'll help. Success!

Download? - Sendspace
Watch / Download - DivShare

Lastly, does it bother any of ya'll that I don't cut these in my journal? If it does, please, let me know and straight under a cut it'll go.
Tags: angst, bday, spnmusicvideo, wincest

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