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Evil!Sammy Verse pt. 3 - Giving In

EDIT: Since Xtine poked and prodded loves me and demandedrequested that this stay up, and 'cause I give in easily, it is.

Yes, this is actually part three in the series. Don't worry, you didn't miss two, I just haven't posted it yet. It's a bit out of order. Partially 'cause it'll still work out, but mostly 'cause part two is killin' me.

Title: ...deals the devil makes...

Song: Giving In - Adema

Summary: After following Sam's trail for weeks, Dean catches up with his brother after having a painful vision. While he believes his brother is safely tied away, he goes after the Yellow-Eyed-Demon, with surprising results. Double-crossing, violent tendencies, death, and much more lie ahead.

Notes: I pretty much tore the actual storyline of SPN to pieces. Numerous characters die, Madison [Heart] was never a werewolf, Jessica is still alive, both Dean and Sam are evil sons of bitches... so yeah, almost nothing of the original holds true. [Also, not all of these happen in either the first or third installment, some are in others.]

(Yeah, so I suck at the summaries, hopefully you'll see the plot in here somewhere.)

Download - Sendspace

You can find the first installment here - Lose Control - YouTube

After his vision, Dean finally catches up to Sam in time to save Sam's latest victim. Managing to tie Sam up, Dean leaves to confront the YED. The YED shocks him by informing Dean that he never intended to use the children, that he needed just a single soldier. Still believing that what's inside of Sam, isn't his brother, Dean takes the YED up on his offer to become the soldier, only if he returns Sam to how he was before. Having his soldier secured, the YED agrees.

Only, when Dean arrives back to where Sam is, nothing has changed. Sam is still evil and knocks his brother out, escaping once more. Except now the YED has both Winchester brothers' souls, and the time has come for Dean to cash in and realize he's been double crossed.

We come back into the picture to see Madison, someone who we aren't really sure what role she plays, but someone who Dean feels is important enough to stalk and eventually murder; as we catch a glimpse of him messing with her car before the crash.

One Week Later - The roles are reversed and Sam is now hunting down Dean for some reason. Upon finding him, Sam is once again captured by Dean. All tied up and no place to go, Sam questions what had happened to his brother. Dean wastes no time in filling in the pieces for him, explaining that Sam was nothing special, that the YED's plans were meant for him to fulfill. Thinking it much less of a challenge to kill Sam while tied up, Dean lets him loose and the two fight. Just when Dean thinks he has it all wrapped up, an unexpected visitor shows up. THE END

Again, I suck even when it's no so much a summary as it is a detailed description.

I spent a ridiculous amount of time on this, even though I hadn't meant for it to go before part two, and I'm actually quite happy with how it turned out. Hopefully, ya'll will feel the same, even if just a little bit. ^_^

Also, there will be possibly at least two more. The second part and the fourth showing what happened in that missing week. ;)
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