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Evil!Sammy - Lose Control Music Video Complete!

I finished! With an assist from Dayquil at two in the morning. But still, the important thing is that I finished, with or without the aide of medication is besides the point. Unless the result is crack. In which case it would hopefully be good crack and you would laugh and still love me.

And this could still be the Dayquil talking.

Evil!Sammy, yes! This is Alby's doing, for she is my Evil!Sam muse, even if she doesn't realize it, and I love her for it muchly. And I dedicate it to Xtine 'cause she's always, always, always encouraging me and making me smile, even if *she* doesn't realize it, and I love her muchly for it as well. Oh heck, I love my whole Flist for many and various reasons. You should each get an individual cookie of your choice and a thousand and one 'thank you's for all that you've done. Each of you are awesome in my book, in which you all get shiny gold stars. I don't even care that I may sound crazy, 'cause sometimes we are seriously lacking on the love and I ain't afraid to spread some! ♥

So this really got split into a crazy love ranting/music video post.

This is my second attempt at working with Evil!Sam. It's an AU video set to Evanescence's "Lose Control", picks up with Sam vanishing after seeing the YED and continues on with what happens afterwards and Dean's search for Sam. Possibly the first of a mini-series of videos. Possibly not, depending on the reaction it gets. I had a lot of fun making this video, so I really hope you enjoy it!

No downloadable linkage quite yet as I have decided I hate the internet for the moment and YouTube is completely to blame.

Download @ SendSpace
Watch / Download - DivShare
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