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spn_j2_bigbang posting #2

Here is my final contribution to the Big Bang challenge:

Title: Spark

Story By beatperfume

Summary: Firefighter Dean Collins has a past he can't remember and a very normal life. Until he meets Sam, a mysterious kid who introduces him to the world of the supernatural. But while Dean is falling for Sam, his past is catching up with him.

The song used is called "Belong" by Deccatree.

Warnings: This is more following the actual storyline [with a few creative liberties] than a trailer-esque type video, so I'd advise reading the story first, just in case it doesn't make too much sense.

Download available from SendSpace here. Updated as of 9/17/08

Notes: Working on both of the stories I had the privilege of creating videos for was truly wonderful. It was such a blast and I had a lot more fun that I had anticipated coming in to it [deadlines scare me a bit]. I am thankful to alwayseven, nu_breed and beatperfume for allowing me to be a part of the phenomenal stories that inspired me and that I immediately fell in love with. Also, to Alby for so subtly pointing me in the right direction in the first place. ♥
Tags: angst, bigbang, spnmusicvideo, wincest
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