October 6th, 2007

[Merlin - Keep Calm & Blame Sorcery]

Bored x Infinity

I noticed that I never really make actual posts, do I? Huh. Well, there's a simple explanation for that - Aside from videos, my life is pretty boring. Between classes and work, any free time I have is either messing around with videos or doing homework. It's always that when I'm free, my friends are working/in class, or when they're actually free, I'm the one working/in class. It makes actually doing stuff hard.

Though, as part of my friends birthday gift, I did take her to go see "Good Luck Chuck". Which completely abolished our pact to go see any movie Dane Cook is in. Why does hollywood think showing fifty-million shots of chicks nude makes a movie better? I'm perfectly content without having to see some lady's who-ha's every two minutes in my movies, thanks very much. It just ruins it for me.

Aside from that, it's been pretty boring around here.

As far as the ChicagoCon goes, Mom isn't all that thrilled with me going. I think part of it is because my piece of crap baby is only two years younger than me, but I think she's mostly just worried about me going to Chicago by myself. Which, I get, I really do, but I'm going to be 20 the day right after the Con and it's not like I'm going to be walking the streets of Chicago or surrounding myself with crazy people. Okay, maybe slightly crazy people, as a lot of fangirls tend to be [myself included].

Now I'm not so sure staying at home for my first two years of college was the best idea. I thought *I'd* be the one having issues about me living a few hours away.

As far as vid making goes, I had decided to put the third in the series of the Evil!Sammy vid 'verse I've got going on up before the second [for a few reasons], but I don't think it went over well at all. Xtine says otherwise but eh, you can decide if you'd like.

If you'd like to watch it, you can still find it here ---> ...deals the devil makes... Evil!Sammy pt 3. All the links should still be good.

Also, have I mentioned I'm stuck at work for another three hours, bored out of my mind? 'Cause I am. Anyone out there have any ideas how to keep myself entertained?
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