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Reverse Big Bang #2

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Notes: This was done pre season six. It was meant to be an AU to fill in the gap between five and six. I hadn't seen a single episode and the only spoiler I had for season six was that Sam would return. Now that I've seen season six play out a bit, I think it actually fits a bit well.

This challenge was complete chaos for me. Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. It's doubtful that I'll do this particular challenge again due to that. The only bright spot was that lethiaw77 chose to pinch hit for me, albeit without my knowledge or I would've done more for her story. So, thank you for that. I haven't read your story yet but I am grateful that you even wrote one based on my prompt. This would have been just sitting on my computer had it not been for you. ♥
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Big Bang Art Post - Bleed Out And Take Him In

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Title Header:


Title: Bleed Out and Take Him In
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Summary: When John Winchester dies he burdens his oldest son with a dark truth and an impossible order to follow- watch out for his little brother and, if need be, kill him to keep him from turning evil. Dean's never disobeyed an order from his father but he won't kill his brother, he'd sooner kill himself. So when Sam's visions get worse and his powers start to grow they have to find another way of stopping Sam's powers and the Yellow Eyed Demon's plans. A way that won't require one brother to kill another.

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Big Bang Stats

Big Bang Sign-Up Stats:


Writer Sign Ups: 317 Comments
Artist Sign Ups: 214 Comments

Final Total Of Stories: 48 [about half of the authors who signed up completed their stories]


Writer Sign Ups: 633 Comments
Artist Sign Ups: 222 Comments

Final Total Of Stories: 109 [about half of the authors who signed up completed their stories]


Writer Sign Ups: 1330 Comments
Artist Sign Ups: 495 Comments

Final Total Of Stories: 225 [about half of the authors who signed up completed their stories]

2010 - NOTE: Still in its FIRST day of sign-ups

Writer Sign Ups: SO FAR - 996
Artist Sign Ups: SO FAR - 193

So, to put that in a bit more perspective, last year's sign ups had roughly 250 authors sign up on the first day of sign ups. This year? It's nearly DOUBLE that and the day isn't even up yet!! So if the trend holds that AT LEAST HALF of all authors who sign up, complete their stories...

It's going to be an epic Big Bang. O_o
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300th post!

It's actually pretty sad that I've had my journal for four years and I'm just now on my 300th post, but oh well! I've decided to celebrate by making a bunch o' Castiel icons, as well as a few random ones from Abandon All Hope.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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Huh. I suppose not a really cheerful bunch but I promise I'm in a great mood! I think Castiel just begs for the gloominess. Feel free to take if you'd like to, no rules apply. I just did 'em for the heck of it. ^-^