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Bases: Shinpuri ep 3 (Part 1)

Got through these pretty fast today. ^^; Had very little else to do, and when you're bored you just can't help it! I figured it was make the bases for episodes 3 and 4 or shoot myself in the head just for something to do! I think bases was the wisest of my choices.

I've still yet to watch episode 5, so I'll get to that tomorrow. ^^ Need to have something to look forward to this weekend! *is lame, knows this*

However... there is something good I would like to comment on right now. And that is the awesome [Wonderful Days] forum! It is a place for all of us PoT fans to gather and chat about all things PoT! Only been there for a few days but it seems like a fun place. And I am pretty fussy when it comes to joining forums and such, but I like this one enough to advertise it here and urge any of you Tenipuri fans out there who follow my journal to come and join! You might be pleasantly surprised~ XP

130: Shinpuri Bases Part 1 - Part Two [Here]


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