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Icons: PoT - Zen

I'm not sure if anyone even remembers who I am or not, but people have continued adding me even though I've not posted here since *GASP* 2008! It's terrible, I know... I should be ashamed of myself.

But I'm going to TRY and get my act together here at least. I've been out of the iconing scene for a while so I don't even know how people are doing icons these days, or if there are some weird, neat little things and ricks people are using. Or if there's a style that's making the rounds or... well... whatever!

So what I'm going to do is this... I'm gonna poke around some communities over the next week to see what is what, in the meantime I have a LOT of icons I'd like to post. They're mostly going to be Prince of Tennis based as the majority of them have been made for an RPG and inspired by said RPG. ^^

I also do have a tonne of textures and such that I could be posting, though I'll think more about that one as the time goes by. Till then, lets see about some icons!

Silver Pair [1 - 6]
AkaMi [7 - 12]
Akazawa [13 - 18]
Zen [19 - 24]


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