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Bases: Shinpuri ep 3 (Part 1)

Got through these pretty fast today. ^^; Had very little else to do, and when you're bored you just can't help it! I figured it was make the bases for episodes 3 and 4 or shoot myself in the head just for something to do! I think bases was the wisest of my choices.

I've still yet to watch episode 5, so I'll get to that tomorrow. ^^ Need to have something to look forward to this weekend! *is lame, knows this*

However... there is something good I would like to comment on right now. And that is the awesome [Wonderful Days] forum! It is a place for all of us PoT fans to gather and chat about all things PoT! Only been there for a few days but it seems like a fun place. And I am pretty fussy when it comes to joining forums and such, but I like this one enough to advertise it here and urge any of you Tenipuri fans out there who follow my journal to come and join! You might be pleasantly surprised~ XP

130: Shinpuri Bases Part 1 - Part Two [Here]


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Prince of Tennis: Rikkaidai Arc ep. 118

Coming Soon: Loveless Episode 9 and Fruits Basket Episode 2!

I've decided that one day soon, when I have the money, as a little treat to myself (because I damn well deserve one peoples!!!) I'm going to get myself a new photobucket account for this journal and I'm going to pay for the bugger! Yep! Unlimited bandwidth and storage space! I can stop worrying about overloading my other accounts! It'll be great!

Anyhoo, to the point at hand. These bases where requested by baka_bunnies as well as a whole hell of a lot more. They're all going to take a while to do, but I'll get around to doing them all sooner or later!

This episode had some VERY weird lines to it... It's one of the main problems with screencapping. When you pause to freeze a frame that looks good, when it's stopped moving then you can see all sorts of imperfections. Like wobbly fingers and an eye that just does NOT look in the direction it's s'posed to! Makes me cringe! But otherwise it's not a bad episode and I believe I caught a few good shots. And I need someone to tell me if I'm seeing things or not... But does the guy in #91, the one in the black shirt... does he have boobs?? I'm sure I see a boob there! You can see it better in the screencap, true, but still... there's a distinct boob shape... *laughs*

I also went a little nuts and made more bases than I normally do. Not sure why, but to any dial-up users viewing these... I'm so sorry!! It might take a while to load but don't be discouraged! I hope you all like 'em!

140: Prince of Tennis: (Rikkaidai Arc)- 118

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