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Bases: Shinpuri ep 1 (Part 1)

Was really gonna post these tomorrow, because I technically should be in bed right now, but I'm naughty. ^^;

These are all just bases I've made because I plan, at some point, to make a couple icons from some of the images! So I figured I may as well post them here as well, there are a lot of them. And yes, you are free to use them as they are or customise them if that's what you wanna do! Just remember, as with any icon maker (HAHAHAHA) on LJ, credit me if you use them as either~ ^^; Mainly for the publicity rather than for any actual artistic merit, they are just bases after all... ^^;

... I'm rather enjoying this anime, to be fair. Never read the manga, so I'm coming at this with very few expectations, which is nice~

You may see bases with little cameos of other characters because... since EVERYONE is in these first ones, it's hard to get some of them on their own and cropping them out was becoming a pain. In the end I was rather amused by the random characters in the background. It became something of a game for me! So if you see a base with a surprise character in the background, don't worry, they're meant to be there! XP

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