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Senkaiden Houshin Engi Bases

Yanno… I’ve been noticing people taking my bases and making them into icons and not crediting me! That’s… kinda mean I think. *bounces and pouts* How hard is it to say, “Oh! I got these from wonderland__. YAY!” Simple and respectful and it makes me all kinds of happy when I see people actually using the bases I spend time on making. And I DO spend time on these things! Most of the bases I make will have been made into ‘caps by me and edited. Some are poor quality and I spend a lot of my time making them look at least semi-presentable. The only thing I want… is a little credit for my work! Is that to hard to ask for?!? I dun wanna go making comments saying “Oi! My bases, where’s my credit gone?? *pokepoke*” But… please… be polite. Even if you DON’T comment… if you take any… I WILL know… and if it keeps happening, I WILL start saying something. Or maybe I’ll just start biting people… I’ve not decided yet!

But anyway…

These are all the result of an hour long scavenger hunt on google. I thought about downloading the anime from somewhere (if you CAN download it) but decided this would be the easiest and quickest way of doing this!

I know they’re bases but… I don’t know the anime at all. I have no idea who these guys are. But some of them ARE cuties! I don’t feel too confident about making icons out of these… so I’ll leave ‘em here for you guys to pick apart and transform into something pretty!

(Inspired by papillon_violet’s post at animeicons)

075: Soul Hunter/Houshin Engi Bases

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