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10 Anime Icons

Whoa... kinda been neglecting this a little. My bad. Family problems. And I'll be starting a new job on Monday, so I'll have even less time to make icons or bases. But I will try.

On another note. I'm thinking of changing the name of my LJ. From "wonderland__" to "mushroom_child" *laughs* It's a joke I have between my bestfriend and I, and it'll be cute. I kinda like it!! Also have to up my icon limit as... it's just soooo restricting having so few!!

Anyway... I made 10 Icons because... well... I was bored and lonely and needed an outlet!

1: Harukanaru
2: Count Cain
1: Prince of Tennis
2: Angel Sanctuary
1: Houshin Engi
3: AIR

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