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Welcome To My World
Yep more One liner icons because… well… I was bored again and needed a way to entertain myself. And what better way than to make amusing icons? *smiles*

I only have 31 here because Photobucket decided to be a meanie and is down for maintenance of some such thing. Pain in the ass really.

Anyway... I hope ya like them!!

01: Sukisho
07: Gundam Wing
02: Pretear
05: Prince of Tennis
03: Hanzakari no Kimitachi e
01: GetBackers
02: Bottle Fairies
02: Bleach
05: Angelique
01: AIR
02: Ai Yori Aoshi

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20th-Dec-2004 12:29 am - New (ish) Icons
Kenshin: 2
Foamy: 2
Bleach: 4
Gundam Wing: 2
Wolf’s Rain: 1
GetBackers: 2
EsperS: 1
Onigai Sensei: 1
Gakuen Heaven: 1
D.N. Angel: 1
Alice 19th: 1
Random: 22 + bases

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