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Photoshop CS Brush Tutorial.

Well, I was asked to maybe make a tutorial on how to make brushes by thewindcries. I have to admit, I wasn't expecting anyone to request a tutorial from me, I hardly know where to start, I've never made one in my life! So, bear with me on this one. Feel free to tell me where I've gone wrong or else offer suggestions on how I can do it better because... this is all going to be based on the way that I do it. I've been told I have a weird and round-about way of coming at things, so if I go off on little tangents... don't mind me, it's just the way I do things!!

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I don't even know if any of that makes sense you anyone else but me!! I'm not very good with the visual aids either, aim I? I type a lot...

But if anyone can at least get a little bit of help from this, I guess I did my job!!