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Welcome To My World
17th-Feb-2012 01:06 am - Update:
**Koudelka - Butterfly
^^ For the two of you who were nice enough to direct me to finding new anime, I wanna thank you! I've actually rather enjoyed some of the anime that I've been watching thus far. But the one that has really caught my eye is Brave 10. I'm a sucker for pretty art, and it made me laugh! It had good action sequences and had a feel of some of my old loves (Saiunkoku Monogatari and Fushigi Yuugi and the like!)~ So that made me happy! I've tried out Another and am slightly weirded out by it... But in a good way. ^^ I'm gonna keep on top of that one too~

Also went and delved into an old anime I used to adore Yami no Matsuei~ I mean, come on... How can you not love that anime?? ^^ But as well as watching the Shinpuri anime I think I'm doing well so far. But testing the waters of other things, just in case there are ones I'm missing out on.

The I-Journal:
Removed all memories but the vital ones and FINALLY finished tagging everything. There are more tags now but... I think it's a lot handier with more, since it makes things a little easier to search for. Only problem is I THINK I may have missed some posts and tags, but one day I'll flick through them and check. But the bulk of it is done so I'm happy. The profile is a lot simpler, neater and I am thinking of making all new buttons... Mainly because the ones I have are sort of about 7 years old...

So I think, this weekend, I'll be able to post here again! I have a asstonne of bases to post. However I don't think the need for bases are as great as they once were, long ago when I first started to get into the whole 'icon resource' thing. It's what I get for being out of the loop for so long, I'm not 100% sure what people want any more, and what they look for in an icon and so on. But that's my issue and something I should look into at some point!

Yes, I know this is an icon journal but... I suspect that some of you may be able to feel me on this!

I've been trying to get back into roleplaying as well as icon making and such. The only issue is... I can't find a decent RPG anywhere. I would prefer an LJ based one... But I can't find one! Because, you see, I'm fussy. I do not want to join a Harry Potter game (which rules out about 70% of RPG's going todate) and I don't want to join a Superhero/Mutant game (about 15% of games are these ones). The rest of them are a random mismash of original and multi/panfandom games. I do NOT want to join yet another game where there's been some kind of tear in the universe and people from all over the place are being pulled into some strange town/village/city/building/school... In fact, I don't want to join something set in a school where people from all 'verses can come and be all... them! I'm tired of the whole "some unnamed, omnipotent being has transported you.." or "You are at the shop buying bread and then you suddenly wake up in a place you never knew before, with a note saying 'Welcome...'"...

I really am horribly fussy, aren't I? I think I need to advertise for myself and look for one-on-one RPers... ^^ Yes... think that is my safest bet!

My Cat:
Should I be worried that my cat is laying under an electric heater with her head directly in the way of the heater? Should I worry that her brain might boil? Or fry? Or maybe she'll give herself head cancer or something??

I try throwing things at her and explain that her head might implode but she just looks at me like I'm insane! >.> Cats...

Choutarou would like to wish everyone a very happy valentines day, and so do I! And for those of you who are celebrating Singles Awareness Day, I hope you guys have a great day too! ^^ Because lets face it, no one has an excuse to not have a good day~ Doesn't matter what day of the week it is, you make the best of it and enjoy yourself! And if that doesn't work... go and buy yourself a cake and make sure it has lots of chocolate in it!

Me... I have a lovely cup of tea, chocolate chip cookies and the love of a good woman, so I'm pretty good today! ... despite having a cold... ;__;

But ANYHOO~~ Seems that LJ is doing a free gift thing! ^^ So if anyone would like me to send them one, then comment and I'll do that! ^^ I'd try sending them to everyone, but with a couple hundred people friended here it's just not possible...

In closing... HAPPY V-DAY FROM wonderland__!!
13th-Feb-2012 11:19 am - Reluctant Update
As it turns out retagging and editing entries is a full time, and even with three solid days of working on it I'm only up to 2007. ;__; It's slow going, but I am getting there. It's just gonna take a while longer than I had anticipated. Still keeping at it though, I just have a feeling it'll be the end of the week when I finally get finished with everything. But it'll be worth it in the end I'm sure. ^^

On the plus side I've been having an interesting ride into nostalgia with those posts. Some I'd rather not remember (comments and such from past loved ones, for example). And some posts that had me laughing. ^^ Like old icons! I'd almost forgotten I went through a phase of making one-liner icons, I used to love doing those and they'll always remain my most popular icons. And so they bloody well should! Funny one-liners are awesome things~ Even if they are on crappy manga bases. hahaha

Umm... But yes, it's all going to take me a while, especially if I keep reading stuff at the same time.

I've had to private a lot of posts as well, broken links, deleted images, and posts made by people I've invited to this journal who I no longer have much (if any) contact with. Having a good old clear out!


Now onto something else... Not sure how many people actually read these things and take notice. Not many people comment. And I don't blame people really, I'm not the most reliable person when it comes to keeping this journal up-to-date! But if anyone does happen to stumble across this and fancies answering a question/request thing, I would be very grateful!

Basically I'm trying to get back into anime. I've been out of the loop for so long that I don't know what's good any more! So I'm after some recommendations of what to watch?

^^ I tend to like fun anime, but I like supernatural/mystery too. I'm not above a little action. And I certainly won't argue with yaoi and such! So if anyone has any suggestions I'm all ears! (Naruto, Bleach and such anime's need not apply)

(Also the song I'm listening to? Is it so terrible that I love this song simply because LittleKuriboh uses it as Duck Devlin's theme song on YGOTAS?? hahaha)
9th-Feb-2012 09:05 pm - WonderLand: Closed For The Weekend
3rd-Sep-2008 05:28 am - Back~
WonderLand is BACK~!!

After a long time of neglect, I've finally come back to this journal I missed it! I felt so bad that I was just leaving it to the wayside... So... in the last few days I've done a little reorganising. I've retagged all my entries, deleted a few that didn't need to be there. I have a new user info, new layout, new icons, new everything!

I'll be posting here a HELL of a lot more now, so be warned!

I've back-dated a lot of entries too, posts from around LJ that I've made on other communities and such that I've had to transfer... But it's all good because they've all been tagged appropriately!

So YAY!! I am back~ And here to stay~!!
31st-May-2007 11:17 pm - open again
Due to 6A finally speaking up and fixing their mistakes, I've decided to reopen wonderland__ to the public and, while I'm here, direct all of your attention once again to all_bases!! I'll be soon posting Fruits Basket bases, as well as random anime. Already I've posted my Prince of Tennis bases! I also urge people to share their bases there! I was pleased to see a few people have already started doing this. But I've somehow accidentally given the impression that the community is for my use only. This isn't true! It's open to all!

So join all_bases!!
31st-May-2007 02:34 am - wonderland__ May Be Moving
I'm going to add a little more to my earlier posts. I am possibly going to move wonderland__ over to GreatestJournal under the new name of Mushroom Child. For the time being, until it's set up, it will be a closed community. There are over 400 posts here with resources and moving them over to GJ will take time and spam friends lists. If you don't mind that, then fine! *laughs*

Also, those of you who are fandom minded, then I suggest joining fandom_counts!
30th-May-2007 06:54 pm - LJ Strikeout '07: Doing my part::
Okay, so these links are doing the rounds so I want to do my bit and share them too!

*Petition Show your support and sign it!
*Another petition Leave a comment or, better yet, send LJ the e-mail that everyone is sending!
*Icons Funny and true!
*Banners We're being advised to remove and save our user info and interests, so do so and replace them with these banners!

I've done all of the above! I doubt LJ will listen to just one person, but if we all band together... Who knows? Maybe it'll be enough to get their attention and to get this whole mess stopped here and now!
30th-May-2007 03:30 pm - Sorry Guys
I apologise for this inconvenience, but due to the utter BULLSHIT going on here at LJ, we wish to protect ourselves. In doing this, we have removed anything that could be deemed "questionable" and friends locked the whole journal. This is NOT a gimmick to get more people to friend us. Once this is over we will go back to being a public journal. But for the time being we shall remain this way in the hopes that we will not be a part of the hundreds of journals being deleted even as we speak.

I apologise again. But until LJ gets it's act together, I fear this will be happening a lot around Livejournal.

17th-May-2007 02:52 am - Help Needed
Okay Guys and Girls, I need some help!

As it turns out, BSplayer is now in league with the devil and endorsing spyware with it's new free version of it's media player. And me, being the dumb sod I am, download it only to have my computer spaz and forcing me to uninstall the whole thing.

Sadly, I can't get the old version of BSplayer, and it was the only program I could find that would allow me to watch my anime in most file formats and make screecaps easily.

So basically, I'd like to know if there is a superior media player out there that I've not stumbled across yet. I need it to be able to play .ogm files as well as allow me to make screecaps, hopefully with a single press of a button and not a long line of code...

Windows Media, Real Player, Zoom Player and Winamp need not apply!

Thanks a lot!



It would seem the overall opinion is to get myself VLC Media Player! So I'll do just that! Thank you everyone for your quick responses!
15th-May-2007 03:01 pm - .:Crediting...:.
Hi everyone! Recently I have discovered that some people are not properly crediting me. I am not wonderland nor am I wonderland_. There are two underscores ( "__" ) after the word wonderland, so when you credit it is [lj user" wonderland__ "] just with "<" ">" and not the brackets.

Sorry about this inconvience, but you know proper credit is wonderful! Thanks for reading! ^^
9th-Feb-2007 02:32 pm - Non-Icon Post: Pimping
I'm here to pimp out a new community. grub_street

This is a community dedicated to writers!

To quote a friend: "It looks like it'll be a great place to go for questions, ideas, and help. Not to mention it's run by the wonderful kageotogi and punctuates. So join!"

You heard her!

grub_street grub_street grub_street grub_street grub_street
4th-Feb-2007 03:12 pm - Header Question:
Poll #920472 Header Sizes

What is the acceptable size of headers? What size do you guys typically go for?

27th-Jan-2007 03:51 pm - Long Hiatus
I have some bad news. Really sucky news, to be honest!

I'm not sure when exactly this is gonna happen, maybe tonight, maybe in a few weeks time... But very soon my phone line is going to be disconnected and my net will be dead.

I could be offline for anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks... maybe longer... I'm not sure really.

But when I come back, I'm probably gonna have a ton of stuff to post! So... don't miss me too much! *glomps all* Bye guys!

8th-Jan-2007 03:33 pm - Non-Icon Post: 666

Well, wow... wonderland__ is now proud to say we're full of evil goodness! And 666 friends! Ah, or should I call you guys "minions"? At least until we go up from 666! But for now... YAY EVIL!! *coughs*

Anyway, serious now... Thank you ALL for joining this journal and lending your support and as a thank you (and because I have a bit of free time), am allowing a limited number of icon requests. I can only do 6 at the moment, so it's first come first serve.

If you want an icon, you need to have a picture ready for me! I can NOT make animated icons, I'm sorry... but no. But you can specify text or colours if you want, or if you have no real idea you can ask for a "mystery icon" and I'll just pull something random out of my head! (don't freak if you ask for this and get an icon of bananas!)

So yes, thank you all for making my journal evil!!
*huggles for all!*

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