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I guess it's been a while, huh? *grins* How's everyone doing? Good I hope! Well, I'm here to promise to bring you a few more updates and not neglect this poor journal any more. So, to make up for the absence... I give you... a load of icons, some funny, some cute, and a few REALLY crap ones! *laughs* Enjoy!!


1: AIR
1: Bleach
29: CAD Icons - Ctrl+Alt+Del
1: Duo Maxwell
2: Kingdon Hearts
12: Loveless
3: Ouran Host Club - Twins
10: Yuri - Random Anime
6: Jewel You Higuri Collection
[total] 60

NOTE: Textless icons are NOT Bases

WARNING: Some strong language, kissing (Shoujo-Ai) and weird humour behind the cut.


1: 2: 3:


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