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Icon dump!!

I've been making and collecting these for a few weeks now and figured it was about bloody time I posted them!
They're a mixed batch with mixed styles and... I can't say I like many of them, but some I'm proud of.

I've also tried my hand and plain text icons. I've only posted 5 for now, because I'm not sure they're good enough to post any more. If people like them though, I may post/make more!

Anyhoo... hope you like these!

1: Air
1: Angel Sanctuary
4: Ayashi no Ceres
1: Earthian
7: Final Fantasy: AC - Cloud
2: Fruits Basket
1: Loveless - Ritsuka
1: Samurai 7
15: Shadow Hearts - Yuri Hyuga
1: Three and a Half - Ariba Tomoe and Asakura Shunsuke
6: Trinity Blood
15: Random Game
2: Ctrl+Alt+Del Text Icons
3: Dane Cook Text Icons (Warning: Contains some swearing)
[total] 60


1: 2: 3:


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