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Non-Icon/Base Post: Brush Ideas.


Songs to be made into Lyrical Brushes (Includes Links To Lyrics):

Bold = Complete. Includes Link To Post.

30 Seconds to Mars: Capricorn
30 Seconds to Mars: Oblivion
Apoptygma Berzerk: In This Together
Apoptygma Berzerk: Kathy's Song
Assemblage 23: Lullaby
Avril Lavigne: I'm with You
Beborn Beton: See You In Heaven
Bif Naked: Religion
Cascada: Every Time We Touch
Cueshe: Sorry
Deine Lakaien: Into My Arms
Disturbed: Pain Redefined
Drain S.T.H.: I Wish
Foo Fighters: Everlong
Gene Pitney: Something Gotten Hold of my Heart
Hale: The Day You Said Goodnight
Heart: These Dreams
Hungry Lucy: Storm
Hungry Lucy: To Kill A King
Jamelia: Beware of the Dog
James Blunt: You're Beautiful
Kaci: I Will Learn to Love Again
Kitchie Nadal: Same Ground
L'ame Immortelle: Betrayal
Lacuna Coil: Falling
Lacuna Coil: Heaven's a Lie
Lacuna Coil: Our Truth
Lacuna Coil: The Prophet Said
Linkin Park: Somewhere I Belong
Nightwish: Nemo
Maaya Sakamoto: Kingfisher Girl
Maaya Sakamoto Feat. Steve Conte: The Garden of Everything
Maroon 5: She will be Loved
Midnight Syndicate: Song Titles
My Chemical Romance: Random Lyrics
Nine Inch Nails: Closer
Pat Benatar: Love is a Battlefield
Roxette: Fading Like A Flower
Roxette: It Must Have Been Love
Sarah McLachlan: Fear
Silent Hill: Room of Angel
Simple Plan: Perfect
Simple Plan: Welcome to my Life
Snow Patrol: Chasing Cars
Soil and Eclipse: Rejoice
Steve Conte: Heaven's Not Enough
Steve Conte: No Reply
System of a Down: Hypnotize
The Birthday Massacre: Blue
The Birthday Massacre: Broken
The Birthday Massacre: Lovers End
The Birthday Massacre: Nothing and Nowhere
The Birthday Massacre: Remember Me
The Birthday Massacre: To Die For
The Birthday Massacre: Under The Stairs
The Tea Party: Walking Wounded
The Tea Party: Release
Three Days Grace: Home
Tori Amos: Winter
Vienna Teng: Between
Vienna Teng: Daughter
Vienna Teng: Feather Moon
Vienna Teng: Lullaby for a Stormy Night
Vienna Teng: The Tower
VNV Nation: Beloved
VNV Nation: Further
Weezer: Island in the Sun
Within Temptation: Angels
Within Temptation: Aquarius
Within Temptation: Caged
Within Temptation: It's The Fear
Within Temptation: Jillian
Within Temptation: Pale
Within Temptation: See Who I Am
Within Temptation: Somewhere
Within Temptation: Stand My Ground

Last updated: 05/13/07

(Updated and revised as and when we complete sets of brushes or find a song that we like)

Please Feel Free To Request A Song That Is Not Present Here.
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