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Colour Bars: Cluster Edge, Sukisho, Shota 
3rd-Nov-2005 09:22 pm
Ahh, so I've tried my hand at making Colour Bars! And they... are more annoyingly fidley than I gave them credit for. So these are really only practice ones until I can get the hang of them!

Umm... just so you know though... please, if you take them, save the images to your own server as mine can't take it! Just upload it to wherever, and change the "YOUROWNSERVER" part of the code with the URL from the upload! That's... pretty simple isn't it? *laughs*

4: Cluster Edge
1: Sukisho
1: Dr. Ten - Shota

Cluster Edge is love.
Made by: wonderland__

Agate Fluorite is love.
Made by: wonderland__

Beryl Jasper is love.
Made by: wonderland__

Fon Arina Sulfur is love.
Made by: wonderland__

Chalcedony Renierite is love.
Made by: wonderland__

Sukisho is weird bunny love.
Made by: wonderland__

Dr. Ten is Shota love.
Made by: wonderland__

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5th-Nov-2005 03:12 am (UTC)
Heeey, that was a fake Lj cut. You confused me for a moment. ;)

Regarding the questions you posted at the community:
And I have a few questions, if I may? Typically... what size should a colour bar be? What about textures and things... how many people use them for your colour bars? And colours... how many are normally acceptable? 5? 6? More? I'm new at this ya'see... and I'm very curious! Any help would be wonderful!

I've seen tiny colorbars all the way up to banner sized. Personally, I like them small. I've seen people get rejected from colorbar_elite because their bars are in general too big and look like banners. The size you're currently making them is about standard. :)

I don't personally use textures (though sometimes I use gradients), so they're not necessary really... but sometimes they can make a bar look really cool. ^_^

For colors, I would recommend sticking with at least 6. Less loses the rainbow effect. And unless you move onto gradients, many of which are an atypical color pattern, stay with ROYGB(I)V - people tend to not like random color order. ^__~

On the whole, the ones you've done look very nice. Your style will develop and change as you make more, and that's cool. Good luck. :D
5th-Nov-2005 09:58 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for this! It helps me a lot! And I'm sorry I confused you... I tend to do that a lot! *laughs*

But thank you again!
6th-Nov-2005 03:04 am (UTC)
No problem. :)
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