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::WonderLand FAQ::

I guess it's about time I did something like this too. I get asked a lot of questions, and to save myself time I think I'll just answer them all here and then everyone will be educated!

:Frequently Asked Questions:

::Are These Bases?

tigerzahn: No, the fact that she has the word "Bases" in each entry is just a clever plot to lull you into a false sense of security untill your credit card number has been found out and the money is sent to a secure off shore account on some island people couldn't give one crap of a care about. ^.~ The ultimate robotic spork plushie army will be ready soon.

hehehe! Yes!! Unless they have text on, are called Icons, or stated otherwise... then they are bases. The majority of my posts will be of Bases. I prefer to make those for some reason. So mass batches of blank bases is a common sight. If you're uncertain if they are bases or not, then please read what is above the images. That will state if they are bases or not.


These are all bases! See?


::Can I customise these bases?

Again, unless stated otherwise, take it for granted that the bases I make are fit for customisation. Do what you like to them! Add text, add gradients, add colours and brushes! Edit them to your hearts content!

If you're still unsure and feel the need to ask, re-read this, go to my Info Page and read the Disclaimer.

Please customise my bases! I love seeing what people can do with them!

In light of certain comments and such, I feel I should add a little something extra to this customization question. The bases I post CAN be used for such things as colour-bars, mood themes, weird collaged backgrounds, anything really that you can conceivably use a 100x100 base in! Once you take, so long as I'm credited somewhere, be it in the resources page (if you have one), in any post you make with the new creations in (if you make one)... or just in your user info (do NOT tell me you don't have one). It's up to you!!


::Where can I get this anime?

There are also multiple variations of this question. Ranging from "What's it about?" to "When will it be coming out over here?". Now, I would like to state that I am from England, our Anime/Manga intake is almost non-existent. You rarely see it on TV, in shops, anywhere. To get it you must live in a big city or buy online... or do what I do, and download it!!

I would also like to make it clear that I am not All-knowing. I don't know when the hell it's gonna come out where you live. Chances are I don't even know where you live. Sometimes I just make bases for the hell of making them and I never see the anime, so I can't answer your questions.

My suggestion to you, is to go to Google, type in the name of the anime you want, and run a search! That's the way most people do it, so try it. You'll get more detailed information from doing than then you'll ever get from me.


::Where do you/can I download your/this anime?

Another version of the above question that's asked a whole lot. For that reason I have started posting the link to the download in my entries.

See? This is the Link.

Yet, people continue to ask me where I get the Anime's I watch, even though the link is in the post. This confuses me to no end. For that reason, I'll list the direct links to the anime I download. Just so everyone will know from now on.

(Really, the best and easiest way to download anime is via BitTorrent. So that's how I do it. If you can't download via BT, then this doesn't apply to you and I'm afraid can't help you with your anime. Unless you can receive it through YouSendIt and I'm in a nice enough mood to send you the anime you want)

~AnimeSuki (This is where I get almost ALL of my anime. It is a BitTorrent site)
~BoxTorrents (Another BT site)
~L33T Raws (These are Raw, un-subbed anime. I get these when I become either too impatient or bored.)
~Anime-Kraze (A nice little place that has anime AnimeSuki doesn't.)

(Bit Torrents)
~Bleach BT
~He is my Master BT
~Loveless BT
~Meine Liebe BT
~Prince of Tennis BT
~Sukisho BT
~Trinity Blood BT
~Tsubasa Chronicles BT


::What fonts do you use?

Valid question. Those cute little pixel fonts are always fun to use! Mine are all Bitmap Fonts. I found them Here. Typically I will use 04B-08 and 04B-03B.

For more info I'd like to direct you to crumblingwalls's LJ.
~Pixel Font Reference
~Script Font Visual Reference
~Font Reference
{Direct Link Her To Memories}

Still confused?
Go to: DaFont, Abstract Fonts or 1001 Fonts and check out the fonts they have on offer, download the ones you like, and enjoy!


::What program do you use to make these bases/icons?

Simple one! I use Photoshop CS. I would use Image Ready to animate some of my icons, unfortunately it doesn't work. Go fig!


::How do you make those little pixel buttons?

You mean this:

Ah, no no no, not "How", "Where"! I s'pose you could make them yourself if you really wanted. But why do that when you can do it the easy way? Just a matter of picking a colour, typing in what you want and clicking "create". Fun, easy and an instant button!

The site is here, btw: 80x15 Brilliant Button Maker


::What do you use to make your screencaps?

For a long time I searched for a program I could understand and use easily. I downloaded so many different programs... until I found one that I liked.

BSplayer is a wonderful little media program that's easy to use and even better to make screencaps with. It's also a free download!


::Comments/Credits & Hotlinking

Not really a Frequently asked question, but something that has to be addressed anyway.

*Yes, I do prefer if people give credit where credit is due. I'm not a monster and I won't go and hunt down those that don't credit, but it does upset me when people don't. It takes a lot of time and effort to make bases or icons, it might not seem it, but it does. For the most part the bases I make have a lot of editing done to them. Be it in the form of lightening them, darkening them or messing with the colours and sharpness to make them easier to see/nicer to use. I can spend anywhere from 2 to 6 hours making these things, and all I ask is that you take the time to credit me when you use them. It's a small thing to ask, but makes me feel a lot better about my work. The better I feel about my work, then the more I will do! It's a win/win situation!

*Now, if you're at all unsure about what to do to credit, then let me help you.
You can credit in the Icon Keywords or the Icon Comments. Credits in posts don't count. If you're still unsure, then there's a detailed explanation Here. Still clueless? This tutorial by merky should help you out!

I'm also happy if you just link me in your User Info. I have little buttons in my own User Info if that suits you better.

*Comments... are not as necessary as credit. But I do like the comments. It lets me know what people like. When I know what everyone likes, I can do more of those things. I also know a lot of people feel it's the opposite way around. That comments are important but the credit not so. I, on the other hand, don't. =^-^= I'm strange like that.

*Not that it needs to be said, but since it's almost always done, I guess it does need to be said. Don't, for the love of god, steal the damn icons! Whatever makes you think you can take something that isn't yours and not be found out is beyond me. It is stupid and lazy and you should be ashamed of yourself if you're one of those people. Icon makers spend a LOT of time making their icons. They do NOT need to feel that that time was wasted because of some insensitive person stealing their icons. Have some respect. If you want an icon, make one yourself or request one from somewhere. Don't stoop so low as to take what doesn't belong to you and claim it as your own.

*Hotlinking is a pain. So STOP IT! Simple. Don't... hotlink... my icons. Right-click, save to your comp and upload to your own server/host. Again, simple! But if you're still unsure, then this tutorial should help you out a little more!

Now, servers. Image hosts. Wonderful places you can go to keep your images/icons and bases... instead of stealing mine, and other peoples, bandwidth!



::Your Brushes Won't Work With My Program. Why Not?

Simple really... I use Photoshop CS and you're obviously not using a compatable program. However... there are ways around it, but only if you're willing to put in a little time and effort yourself. My brushes are in .abr format, that's true. But I also include Image Packs with all of my brushes. They're there for a reason. If you can't use the .abr file you CAN use the Image Pack.

Here are some links that may help you:

:Tut by the_indy
:Another Tutorial

I've had a few complaints that my brushes don't work in PS7. For that I apologise, but I do provide Image Packs for just such a reason. As stated before, I use Photoshop CS, so you will have to download the Image Pack and define the brushes. To do this, just open the images and go to Edit > Define Brush Preset and you should have yourself a nice set of brushes. The same goes for PSP. I'm unsure how you'd go about making the brushes from my Image Packs, but that's probably what you're going to have to do.


::Do you take Requests?

Wonderful question. The simple answer is; yes, if I can. I will take on board every suggestion made and, in some cases will take requests.

Bases. There is a long list of what I already need to make. I will take suggestions for other bases people would like to see, and I do try and get them done ASAP. But time is not something I have as much of these days.

Icons. I will take requests for icons. However, I'm not the best icon maker around. I make simple, yet colourful, icons. I can't animate things and I don't do any flashy effects. I work with layers and textures and boarders mostly.

Friends Only Banners. I don't normally make these but I can and do find them fun to make on occasion. I do take requests for these.

Banners. I don't mind making these either. Though, again, I can't do anything special, no flashy effects and I can not do blends. I sometimes take requests for these.

Colour Bars. I'm new at these but I can make them and I do like to make them. I do take requests for these.

Brushes. I have a lot of these to make, I "specialise" in lyrical brushes. I do take suggestions and requests for these.

Please, if you do have a request, don't ask here. Please read my Requests Post and fill in the little form with all the relevant information please!


This FAQ is subject to change and modification as I see fit. If I find there are questions that people continue to ask that need to be addressed, then I shall update accordingly. If you have any questions, please comment and I will do my best to answer them and/or add them to the FAQ.

And because people continue to keep asking me this:

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