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Happy Valentines Day, Livejournal Peeps!

Choutarou would like to wish everyone a very happy valentines day, and so do I! And for those of you who are celebrating Singles Awareness Day, I hope you guys have a great day too! ^^ Because lets face it, no one has an excuse to not have a good day~ Doesn't matter what day of the week it is, you make the best of it and enjoy yourself! And if that doesn't work... go and buy yourself a cake and make sure it has lots of chocolate in it!

Me... I have a lovely cup of tea, chocolate chip cookies and the love of a good woman, so I'm pretty good today! ... despite having a cold... ;__;

But ANYHOO~~ Seems that LJ is doing a free gift thing! ^^ So if anyone would like me to send them one, then comment and I'll do that! ^^ I'd try sending them to everyone, but with a couple hundred people friended here it's just not possible...

In closing... HAPPY V-DAY FROM wonderland__!!
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