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Anime MoodTheme: Seigaku

Pending: Kamio Akira Moodtheme. Momo/Kam Moodtheme. PoT General Moodtheme.

Full Preview

{Download Zip File Here (SendSpace)}
{Mirror Here (Hotfile)}
{Mirror Here (RapidShare)}
{Mirror Here (MediaFire)}


1: Download the zip and open it!

2: Upload all 132 images to your image host or domain. I suggest using something like photobucket ( PhotoBucket ) which allows remote hosting. DO NOT CHANGE THE FILE NAMES! That's bad.

3: Next, go here: Admin Console

4: In the text box, type/copy and past the following: moodtheme_create "Seigaku MoodTheme" "MoodTheme by forever_iconz" Then press execute. You'll be given an ID number, copy it! That's important!

5: In the zipped file you downloaded there should be a txt file named "code". Open it and replace IDNUMBER with your ID number. (if you're using notepad, the "replace" tool is great for this!) Once you've done that, then replace "http://yoururl/" with the url from your photobucket account or domain.

6: Copy and paste that whole mess into the adminconsole and press execute! If it worked, you now have a moodtheme that you can go and select by going to Customise and selecting the moodtheme!

For more more info, try here: Easy Instructions by crackified

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