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Picture Search.

I'm looking for a particular Christian Kane picture. The first one in this video if anyone could help me, and wants to share. Would love you if you did.

Anyway, in my search I'm finding loads of really cool pictures as well. As well as, for some reason lots of Jared, Jensen, J2, David Boraneaz and James Marsters. Ok, James and David I can see, with AtS, but J2?
lily of the Vally


Wasn't round much yesterday. Had a bit of a tummy bug on Sunday, and spend yesterday recovering. Did check my flist, and left a FEW comments, but slept a lot as well.

It is the 1st of June, so my favourite Summer song. Hope you enjoy it.

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Supernatural Fans

Hello Supernatural fans, do you think that Eric Kripke knows this song?

Procol Harum - The Devil Came From Kansas - live 1974

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Awesome Rare Pairing Vid!

An awesome rare pairing. A vid about Sam/Castiel. Just beautiful!

Vid Name(including link)/Vidder: LoveStoned by Fabella (wistful_fever)
Song/Artist: The Hoosiers
Genre: drama, character study
Why you’re reccing the vid: The use of color in this little vidlet is awe-inspiring. I love how the vidder draws the eye in ways that highlight tiny details and help build her story. Also, whether Sam/Castiel is your cup of tea or not, the fact that she can construct such a clear romantic narrative about one of the most non-canon pairings out there is fantastic!

Go, give her some love. Encourage this pairing!

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Scottish History, guess you are not really interested

The Jacobites were not widely accepted in Scotland. It was, even in Scotland, a division between the Higlanders and Lowlanders. Whem 'Bonnie' Prince Charlie arrived, the Highlanders welocmed him, not so much the Lowands.

They invaded Glasgow, who didn't want them, and won. Moving forward to Edinburgh they laid siege to the city, and the people of Edinburgh surrendered after the damage they had done to Glasgow (bit of, even more, ancient history, there has always been a division between Lowlanders and Highlanders, dating back to Roman times. The Romans did get as far as as the outskirts of the Higlands, but built the Antionine Wall to keep the Highlanders out).

I know, you are all far more interested in Irish history than Scottish!

Anyway, this is a reworking of 'Ye Jacobite By Name', rewritten by Robert Burns (a lowlander), I picked the one with the lylics.

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This and That!

It's raining, It's pouring,
the old man is snoring.

Yes, I can hear the rain outside. *cuddles down nice and warm in front of fire*


Well my flist's sexiest men are James (surprise surprise), Jared and Jensen, in that order. An interesting threesome. Sure would span the decades. J3 anyone?


In the fanfic I'm reading him in, I'm kinda getting a bit peeved at how David Boreanaz is being protrayed. The first RPS I read was James/David, I know, you're astonished at that admision, but, even after he got married, he wasn't the baddie. He seems a very nice guy, so why is he always the one who messes with everyone?


Thought I would sign off with a funny song. Andy Stewart singing Donald where's your troosers. With a bit of a kilt spam

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This and That

I had such a vivid dream that they had aired more episodes of Leverage last night, I almost went looking for the latest episode. I was so disappointed when I realised it was only a dream!


Well David is not coming over today, his car is getting taken in for repairs, and they will give him a curtesy car for a week, but not until this afternoon. We decided it was cutting things a bit fine, and also that he would need a bit of time to get used to the new car, especially for driving at night and the cold weather we are having. Could be icey.

Speaking of David, he is coming here for Christmas Day, so I guess I'm cooking a Christmas meal again. Just as well I like cooking. He does so like to have somewhere to go on Christmas day, and he does do a lot for me through the year, least I can do.


I'm strangely addicted to the Kane video on YouTube of Kane in England in 2007. Christian is so endearingly shy, and quietly spoken, while Steve is the more outgoing one.