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Pocket Lindsey

Woe Again

Was up through the night last night. The coughing was so bad it made me sick, so feeling pretty shattered. I came across some Jared Padalecki/Christian Kane RPS. My initial reaction of WHAT, left me thinking it might take my mind off how I was feeling and read it. Did find one I really liked.

Title: Too Much Love 1/1
Author: Cari
Pairing: Jared Padalecki & Christian Kane. With a special guest appearance by Brandon Hart and the return of the world’s most well adjusted Mike Rosenbaum muse.
Rating: MA 15+? One day I’ll work out U.S. rating systems.
Summary: Why does somebody else get to decide what would be best for Jared without actually asking him?


So anyway, found out that reading Christian Kane fic while listening to his songs means I get a Sam/Lindsey plot bunny this time. I just better hope I can hold on to it long enough to write it when I feel better.
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Ianto Jack kiss

Vid Rec, and Thanks for taking the Poll, know what was wrong now!

This vid has been recced all over the place, but I thought I would as well. It is just that good.

Watch the scene with Dean and Anna and think, bare chested Dean, the back seat of the Impala, this should be so hot? Well in this vid, with some manips, it sizzles! Snow on the Sahara (Wincest) by absrip, link to her journal, so you can leave her lots and lots of love here Yes even I am reccing some Wincest, which I usually avoid so much! But go watch, honest. BTW the song grows on you.

*I may be suffering from Sam and Dean withdrawl"

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Thank you everyone for taking my poll yesterday. You helped me figure out what was wrong with the bunny! It just doesn't work for American Characters! *sigh*

So, with a few major changes, throwing out my OFC (who I didn't really like anyway, so no major loss), changing fandoms, and going back to my beloved slash, I will try and write it up today!

What a relief!
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It takes quite a bit to make me laugh, some people can do it *waves* you know who you are! But I found this so so so funny

Torchwood vid, the internet is for Porn!
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Rec me please

Some of you might know, not many I guess, that I have a fondness for Spike helping the Scoobies for some reason in the early seasons. The pairing doesn't matter, I don't care if it has het or slash tones. I'm not really looking for underage. I have three that I read often. None of them really go above PG15. Or at least at present, one is a WIP, so will see where that leads.

These are the ones I have.

1) "The Hounds of Love", by speakr2customrs, Spuffy, set in Season Two here

2) "The Dhampir Series", by P'al Kwai. No real pairing. It has vampire Angel singlehandedly bringing up his Dhampir son Spike, the relationship is just a treat. Angel makes a great father. The story can be found here

3) "If I Were Souled", by kitty_alex, a new one, and is still a work in progress. Spander relationship, with hints of attraction. At the episode "The Puppet Show" at present. The story can be found here

Ok, so these are the sort of stories I'm looking for. No AU Human, and set in the Buffy!Verse season one or two. Any recs for me?
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Rec, this is awesome!

Ok who like me, didn't really like Kate? So how difficult is it to write a story that makes you feel for her? I just found one! Read it, you will love it, as an added bonus, it has Zombies! Really Zombies!

By athenewolfe The great story "Whatever Happened to Kate Lockley?" here

Must read more of this story. I know it is Spuffy, and I haven't read Spuffy for years now, but the sheer desperation of the situation appeals to me!
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Been Quiet

Not a lot been happening here. David got out of hospital, and hopes to start driving again this weekend, and I should see Ronnie tomorrow. Apart from that, very quiet. No muse either, so no stories to post.

Tami has been making manips again, One of Drusilla and One of Fred. If you would like to go over and encourage her the pictures are here

Goes back to boring life!
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My friend tamibrandt has done a wonderful crossover video called Via Las Vegas, with the Elvis song. It is a crossover between AtS and Bones. You will find it here.

Really good how she has edited the clips with the music, I am sure you will enjoy!
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Story Rec for Buffy Season 8

Have not got my copy of Buffy Season Eight #10, Anywhere but Here yet. I am waiting until the Angel: After the Fall issue comes out to get them all together. But have been reading reviews. I do have something I am considering discussing, but thought I would wait.

Today I read a story by beer_good_foamy called The Good Guys, a Buffy Season 8 - SPOILERS 8.10 take. It is really excellent, and I pretty much agreed with him. Go read it here