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Smiling Dean & Sam

SPN Awards Community Opened

Please come along and join us, nominations begin from 15th October when we will also be posting with a list of the awards you can nominate for. Nominations close 31st October and voting begins 1st November.

I'm not involved as a mod, just pimping to get the word out. Make someone's day by nominating them and allow them to pick up a pretty and maybe win an award. It really helps keep the muse alive.
Group Hug


Have you ever wanted to spend the weekend having fun with LJ people? Just geeking out with fellow fandom mad people? Not care what fandom? Not care what sort of contribution you make, just being with like minded people who love a show, book, comic anything fandom related, and want to spend time talking about it together? Now is your chance.

At some time in August next year, writercon UK is on, you can vote for the date which best suits here

So if you have any interest in any fandom, it is the place to be with like minded people. You can do as much or as little as you want, have a couple of drinks, eat great food, talk, laugh and be merry with people who 'get' you and your fandom interests.

You don't have to be a writer, no matter your involvement in fandom, any fandom, you will find people who will welcome you, and be delighted to share a weekend with you. It is fandom related, but is also social, fun and pretty informal. So come and join us, as I really hope to make it next year.

A weekend in August, in Coventry getting your geek on. What more could you ask for? And the prices are very good (£30 to attend, cut price room prices, you pay for your own lunches and dinners). Come on, it's fun!
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Hi, I know my friends like a little angst, well now there is a place to get your Angst on big style. At angst_bingo, but hurry, not much time left, sign-ups only till sign ups end 11:59pm PST on Sept. 12th. Then you need to have a card to take part. The bingo is that you can have a line in any direction, down, across or diaginal, then request another card, so come along and join in. You can veto up to five prompts, so can identify triggers, anything you maybe uncomfortable with, and just veto them so you do not get them on your card, but have a try, good to challenge yourself.

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No Hate Day - October 1st, 2009

As seen at jaylan121's Journal.

We won't spread anything hateful or hurtful towards any person. We'll promote love, friendship and harmony. So hope you guys join us in this campaign and spread love with us. If you like the idea, promote it in your journal, help us with icons, banners, etc. Let's spread the word and maybe we can even write fanfiction or poetry at that day with nothing but love or something encouraging people to abandon hate. So what do you think guys, who's in?

I don't really see hate posts on my journal, but I said I would join in.
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James as Buzz, with Buzz Cut! Manips

Meant to post this yesterday, but what with the sleeping and everying, doing it today!

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Pimping now, and if you want to keep up-to-date with the latest on James new role, join moonshot_69 to find out, for example that the show is aimed to air in the U.K. in July 2009 to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the mission

Now finally, in a voting mode for your favourite Geek? Multi fandom, and you get three votes....far more difficult than you might think when you see who have been nominated. At Hot Geek 10, you can find the link here Torchwood and Dr Who fans might like how the results are going already.

Speaking of Torchwood, do you think Moonshot means we will not get any more Captain John Hart in Torchwood next season, or could James be finished in time?

LJ News!

Snagged from kunzite1

"a new community has popped up and i figured i'd put it out there.

who here would like to see LJ continue to thrive?
who here would like to see LJ continue to be a place that you can go and post your opinions about life?
who here would like to have productive discussion about where LJ is going?

if you're willing to be a level-headed participant in talking about the various aspects and changes to LJ, please request membership in the powerusers community."

I do have a couple of concerns regarding this new change in accounts

News from Russia
We made a commitment to keep you abreast of important LiveJournal developments and we want to honor that commitment and let you know about a new feature we are going to test in Russia: Paid Accounts Supported by Sponsors.

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Match it for Pratchett

I know a lot of you, like me, were upset to hear of Terry's announcement a few months ago that he suffers from a rare form of early-onset Alzheimer's Disease. The Discworld has such an amazing collection of fans, that matching his million dollars could be possible. Even if it was only a pound or a dollar, the price of a Discworld paperback, it could be done.

gillo has an entry which explains the condition so much better than I can here. There is a link as well, and a button you can use to spread the word.

Link to: http://www.alzheimers-research.org.uk/
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New Drusilla Manip

tamibrandt has done a new manip of the much under used character Drusilla. There are three versions, Black and White, Blue, Purple and Red they are here. Tami is new to manipping, and it would be great if you all went over to encourage her!

Oh it is also her birthday as well today, so if you could wish her happy birthday while you are there :-)
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Friending Meme at Insane Journal

There was not really enough interest in my blog to set up an asylum for it, but yourlibrarian kindly pointed out that her Asylum The Whedonverse Embassy could be used to do the Meme. So I have set up a few threads.....yes I spammed!

Anyway if you are at IJ and want to make new friends with the same ship as you, interested in the same things as you, go on over. Now! Writers/Aritists/Readers/Feedbackers/Lurkers. If you are on IJ, go and meet people with the same interests. If your main interest isn't there, make a post asking for people to come and join you!

the link is here. Yes that includes Firefly....and if you make a post for it, even if it hasn't aired yet, and may take some time, Dollhouse!
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Sign-up for noel_of_spike

Please sign up for noel_of_spike and give us a great christmans, the post to sign up is here and all pairings are welcome. I have read so many posts that this fandom is dying on its feet let us prove that they are wrong.

So artwork, fic, anything you want, go over and sign up. Even if you do not pick a certain day, there will be open days where you can post. I will probably take one of those. Spread the Christmas Cheer!
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