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shinodabear did an Angel/Lindsey story for the slashthedrabble prompt Envy here

Well my muse and a plot bunny up and bit the bait. Yes they wanted in on it. Angel musing on his relationship with Spike. It is not a drabble, as it is over 500 words.

Title Envy
Author woman_of_
Word count 547
Character Angel
Summary Angel muses on his feelings for William the Bloody/Spike since 1880

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I Angelus, I William

This has been pestering me! Just two short little essays on how my Angelus and my William see themselves! Behind a cut for those who are not interested! Gen.

I Angelus
Author woman_of_
warnings vampire behavour, dark
rating Pg 15

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I William
Author woman_of_
warnings vampire behavour, dark
rating Pg 15

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I'm Back

People for the Humane Treatment of Demons, Vampires and Werewolves

Just a quick fly by to say that I wrote it now. Two gen fic's in one week, must be going mad! Have to do my ship soon, or I will get withdrawl!

Title People for the Humane Treatment of Demons, Vampires and Werewolves
Author woman_of_
Word Count 646
Rating pg13
Disclaimer Joss, ME and Fox make the money, not me, I am in no way connected to any of them
Warnings None
Summary a body of concerned citizens write an open letter.
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A Vengeance Demon Is Born

I am so happy, I have a lovely General fic to post, yes the one I talked about with Cecily in it! Hope some of you give it a try!

Title: A Vengeance Demon Is Born
Author: woman_of_
Characters: Cecily, D’Hoffryn
Word Count: 609
Acknowledgements: thirdblindmouse for the beta. Thank you so much! Your help is much appreciated.
Rating: 18
Warnings: Reference to past child abuse, nothing graphic, magic use.
Summary: Events leading up to Cecily coming to the attention of D’Hoffryn, and becoming Halfrek
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Hope you enjoy it!
Guitar Christian

Happy Happy Joy Joy

I wrote a dark fic, and didn't get defriended by anyone WHEEEEE. I have to say after I wrote Angel/Conner incest, without any sex, just Angel dealing with the aftermath the morning after, I was defriended. The fic was also deleted on LJ I still have it on my hard drive, but I have seen others do worse, so I was a little worried when I wrote another dark fic that I might have the same repercussions. Not this time

I am having problems with Yahoo, and for some strange reason my lj is being funny as well. I put in the text Presents for comments recieved, well 65% of the time it says presents alright, the other 35% it says presemts, I have no explianation for this at all!

The promised pic of 50's Angel and 70's Spike together will be posted this week, having a loving cuddle together. They are made by different manufacturers, so ok maybe not perfect.

The Christmas recs will be next week, while I will, come hell or hight water send out the Christmas Cards, even with the sleepiness and always feeling tired kicking in again.

Off to decide how Angelus and william will spend their first Christmas together in 1880. I am guessing they have fled Britain and are in France at the time. Causing mayhem!

I will spare you the details of the horrid dream I had of JM dieing, but I did get to hit a heckler with a plack!
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