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The Good, The Bad and the VERY Bad.

Was quite tired today, but was waiting for David and Ronnie, who where half an hour late. I was starting to worry they had been in an accident, but both arrived safe and well. We decided to go to Balloch today, and set off. We got to the third roundabout, which you can use to get on the west coast of Loch Lomond, and it was closed off by the police. We were not taking that turnoff so quite easily (at that time), took our turnoff and went to Lomond Shores. David went to the information office to find out what happened on the road. It is a dangerous road with two areas which can have accidents. This time there had been a fatal one, so the police where out in force.

There was a market on at Lomond Shores, and we ate Al Fresco, looking out over Loch Lomond towards Ben Lomond eating seafood Palella. It was great, before that we went on a walk to get an appitite. No cooking or washing dishes for me. FTW.

Anyway this is the second day I've ate out cheaply. Yesterday I met Ailsa and had an Indian buffet for lunch, which was my main meal of the day.

Ailsa has fell out with her daughter who thinks Ailsa should buy her a car. Ailsa is a one parent family, she was paying for her daughter to get driving lessions (she has only had four lessions so far, and already wants a car) for her 21st birthday. Now Ailsa works part time. It is a good job, but it is PART TIME, and on her own. Her daughter then went to a car dealership and tried to buy a car, using Ailsa as guareenter without asking Ailsa. They had a blazing row, and the daughter is now off living with one of her friends.
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Thank You, *hugs*

Four stunningly gorgeous boys made their way to my letter box having winged their way from Denmark. Yes, Steve, Christian, Jared and Jensen have arrived. Going to get some blu-tac so I can decorate the wall around my computer with their handsome faces. Thank you so much pippii *big hugs*
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Making a Friend!

Sorry for posting twice so quickly, blame the painkillers. That is what I'm doing!

A Sunday Poll, cause I'm nosy.

Poll #1564949 Decision to Friend

When you decide to friend someone do you (can click as many as apply)

Read their profile
Read their interests
See if you have any mutual friends
read their latest posts
have a comment conversation with them on a friends journal
I friend based on many things, including contribution to the fandom
something else
the ticky just likes making new friends
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This and That

Oh well, hemorrhaged people from my friends list, three left in one day. Pretty much to be expected as we seemed to be in different fandoms now, and had little else in common. I do kind of expect it, just a pain to tidy up, sigh. Especially when a community got deleted as well.


Speaking of deleting communities, I'm thinking of deleting btvs_ats_q_a, as I'm not following the Season Eight comics, and there hasn't been a post on the community for a long time. I may post a poll there to gauge interest first, but I suspect it needs a new maintainer, someone who is following Season Eight, and has all of After the Fall comics.


Had a lovely long discussion yesterday with shadowc44 and love_jackianto. Remember everyone, if you ever see a discussion at my journal and want to jump in, you are more than welcome, so long as there is no bashing. BIG No No here.


Edit. For your entertainment, one of the best live bands ever performing at The Old Grey Whistle Test.......Sensational Alex Harvey Band with Delilah.

Dear Alex, so sadly missed. And what a sound, when he played at the Parkhead statium we could hear him in my house. The neighours thought is was my music and that I was playing it louder than ususal!


Edit Two does anyone else dislike the term 'queer'?
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Fandom Status of me.

"You Know Your Problem, You Keep It All In"=Sam Wincester, but I'm not going to.


Heavly involved in J2 AU....Expect a non Big Bang list of recs at some point, still putting together my Sam Meta, and avoiding spoilers.


Seems to be losing my interest, but the new season starts next week, and that should peak it up again...about time too. Not sure what will happen when the whole thing is over within one week, and don't even know it if is coming back again. What is RTD doing with his baby!

Doctor Who

Ummmm! These one of sessions, too long a break, not enough to get your teeth into. Looking forward to next year when we might get a real season. Interesting to find out how they handle all the new elements.


Missing my favourite writers, the comics left me blah. Still love Spike, but couldn't give a damn about any of the other characters anymore...except maybe Drusilla.

Anyway, having said all that, if any of it upsets you feel free to defriend, this is, after all, mostly a fandom Journal, with bits of RL thrown in. Not going to go and track you down for it, just wave you off and thank you for the good times we had!
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Postcard! And answers to yesterdays song lyrics meme

Big shout out to luvinthe88and20 the postcard you sent me from Jared's home town arrived today, and I love it. What a nice bit of history as well. *hugs*


I thought I would post the answers to the Meme from yesterday. I think some of you might've been a bit young for these songs, but I'm really pleased at how many where identified. Seems I'm not totally alone in my taste of music.

Collapse )

Anyway, let me know if any of the words in the songs made you want to listen to one you haven't heard before and I'll see if I can track it down on youtube. I'm amazed at what can be found there. I make no promises for some of them. They are a touch obscure.
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This and That

Ok, Leverage....need some fic! Anyone know where I can find some lovely Eliot Spencer/Alec Hardison fic? Anyone? I do need it, really! Yes I do know that Alec Hardison is Aldis Hodge who played Jake on Supernatural. I did think he was really good looking then as well, so this is just more goodies. I don't need to say where I know Christian Kane from do I? Really?


Ok, so you have someone on your friends list. They never respond to a comment you leave them, but respond to everyone else. They never leave a comment on your posts either. Any point in having them on your friends list? I mean if there is no dialogue between you, is there any meeting point to say you are friends?

Thinking of unsubscribing.


Just need to go get ready for David arriving, will be back later. Please give me lots of recs for some fic while I'm entertaining, and feeding, David.
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I was off visiting my friend Annemarie, she had laser treatment done to her eyes, so I left early as she is tired. While I was there, David phoned, and yesterday's dilemma has been solved. Brian has gone into hospital, and is getting treatment now. It is the best thing for the boy. So I shall be having the quiet Christmas I planned to have. *relieved Sigh*

ETA Added a Christmas Meme!

Your Christmas Sprit Level: 15%

Your Christmas spirit is there, but it's very faint.
If you celebrate Christmas at all, it's only when you truly want to.

It's okay if you're not really into the whole Christmas thing. Don't worry about not having enough spirit.
Pushing yourself to do more will only turn you into a Grinch!
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Before I went away, a woman about my own age was complaining of suffering from a lot of life threatening illnesses. I guess you know that if someone cries wolf too often, everyone starts to, well, not take them seriously.

She was talking about having euthanasia, and making plans to go to another country to have it, asking people to go with her. We had started not to take it seriously, and others needed our time for diagnosed problems, family illnesses, and family members dying.

I came back to find out she had a scan, and has lung cancer. She has to go to Aberdeen to get another scan to find out how bad it is now. She is still sure she has the other illnesses, and has phoned the paramedics out three times in one day still. That is by the way, she does have a serious illness.

Part of me knows that to a degree it is what she did to her body. Smoking cheap cigarettes and dope from Paddies market, and the junk that they put in. Still she didn't deserve to get this.

A warning, Dope is not as safe as they make it out to be. This is the second person I know who has Lung Cancer from taking Dope and cigarettes. They put such rubbish in it, and it has more toxins than a ciggie.