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Just because I'm nosy (but you all knew that anyway)

Ok, readd stargazers post about feelings towards fandom, and pretty much agreed. I'm not feeling, 'fandom_y', as I spend most of my hobby time on-line at LJ and Twitter rather than be creative. I have my imagination in full flood, but not in a direction anyone else but I would be interested in. So a question for contary me who wants to keep up with the friends I've made through fandom, but feels less fandom_y

Click as many boxes as you want and have fun. Long rambly comments and talking to other commenters in encouraged.

Poll #1758783 Fandom activity

Do you feel you have 'peaked' with fandom (at least for now).

I will never 'peak' fandom is life
Yes, but because RL has taken over
Yes, but because of ill-health
Yes, but because of new creative ventures
I've not 'peaked', just moved onto other fandoms
I've not 'peaked', just don't create anything, but can squee with the best of them
I'm just waiting for something to grab me and shake me
I've not 'peaked', just have so much to do fandom wise
I've 'peaked' but for a reason you haven't listed
I've not 'peaked' you just haven't noticed/are not interested in what I'm active in
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Oh Well!

Well I think I'm going back to my old loves. Much as I do love Sci-Fi and Fantasy, I'm getting a bit tired of the wank those shows seem to create. About the shows, the actors, the actors RL's as well as the creators/writers. *sigh* I'm just tired of it.

So I suspect my new shows that I'm interested in will be Leverage, The Mentalist and Sherlock. With a little Big Bang Theory thrown in.

I enjoyed HellBlazer, and am looking forward to Sandman when I get it.

Saying that I will be watching Season Six of Supernatural, any Torchwood that comes out (mainly to see what they will do with them now) and Doctor Who. Although I'm really looking forward to more Being Human.

The two vampire stories everyone is talking about, True Blood and The Vampire Diaries....I don't know. They are not my type of vampire. Ummm! Ok, might try a couple of the more recent episodes, but I suspect I'm going to wrap myself up in The Fanged Four when it comes to vampires, they are more to my taste, but I see how you cannot get a whole programme out of them that is suitable to modern tastes.

Ok, just saying that I'm a little jaded by the whole genre, and taking a little rest from it, and everything that seems to come with it.

Let me know if any of the shows/comics that I will continue with interest you so we can exchange fannish ideas about them.
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(no subject)

Ok, so in our shows, be they Buffy!Verse, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Torchwood or whatever show you might think about, what is acceptable for the hero(es) to do to overcome the treat posed by the baddies?

Poll #1575906 All is fair in Love and War?

What steps is it acceptable for the heroes to take to overcome the threat?

They should do whatever it takes, the other side does
They may have to take some dubious decisions
They should have clear moral boundaries
They should never stoop to the baddies low levels
Depends on the character/situation/show
It is not as clear cut as that, therefore diffiucult to answer
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Fandom, *sigh*

Ok, I try to live a very sheltered life in fandom, mostly sticking to my friends on LJ and Twitter who are all sane, and a few select communities, but I do hear about what is going on. As you all know, I think, I have very strong views on bashing the actors, and my flist is based on that, but so many fandoms that I have an interest in seem to have gone crazy over the past few months.

Buffy!Verse.....I need say nothing more that Twilight!Gate do I?

Supernatural....Let them get engaged, they are people who have a life to lead away from the fantasies of fans. If you cannot cope with the difference between fantasy and reality, maybe you should see someone about that.

Doctor Who......Yes we are getting a new actor, it has happened before, and will not effect your enjoyment of the character and programme, give it a chance.

Torchwood.......Ianto has died, yes a lot more could've been done with the character, but it wasn't. Let GDL go on to better things and show everyone what he can do.

At this rate I will be hiding in my Leverage and Being Human fandoms. I don't like bashing, at all. No I will not try to change those people with such strong opinions, but I have them as well, and will at this point say that I don't want to hear it. I have a very select group of friends who I trust, and whose opinions I value, they are my flist. I don't want to see any bashing on it, Thank You!

Reflecting on where I am in fandom.

Well, I'm kind of on the sidelines.

Buffy!Verse. The comics have killed it for me. I love it again when I watch my DVD's with Ronnie, Spike is still my favourite character, and JM is still my favourite actor, but the comics have destoryed the characters for me. I kind of wish Joss had left well enough alone, and stayed with the TV series.

Doctor Who and Torchwood. In the same boat with both of them, waiting to see what will happen next. Not thinking of leaving either of them, just playing a waiting game to see where they are going.

Supernatural I feel it is kind of winding down in a way. Yes I think it is building up to an exciting climax, but it feels like it is nearing an end.

Leverage Love it dearly, but not a programme to get overly fannish about, and, coming from such big fandoms, the lovely people involved in the fandom are not as active.

So I guess I'm looking for a new fandom. I consider Being Human a contender, but after that, nothing. Any recs? I don't want something that has been going on forever, I tired Heroes season one was ok, but I wasn't interested after that. So something reasonably new that will not take me too long to catch up with.
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When Has A Show Jumped The Shark

Ok, you have a show you faithfully follow, and suddently you go, no. No more. So my question is, what makes a show 'Jump The Shark' for you. Or if it hasn't totally 'Jumped The Shark' is there any indication that you are losing interest and it is 'Jumping the Shark'

I will start.

Alias Smith and Jones...when Pete Duel died, and they replaced him. Never as good again.

X-Files.....when I spend more time thinking "Oh I read that/saw that" somewhere else, and went off to to watch/read the original rather than the programme.

In danger of 'Jumping the Shark'

Torchwood...Killing off all the interesting characters, leaving us with "I cannot die anyway" Jack, and Gwen, who they have told us so much about she is pretty boring.

Supernatural....Dividing the brothers. The brother dynamic was what drew me in, and the division is pulling me out. I loved how they worked together, so the thing I loved about the show is being diminished.
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Team Work

Off to watch some Leverage, need a good action packed programme, with characters who work well together. Want some Team Work, without divisions.

Getting increasingly annoyed with EK the more I think about 5:03. He is the opposite of RTD. He listens and takes to much interest in the fans, especially the vocal ones, who don't really speak for the rest of us, they are just opinionated bigots. Oh Joss, you hit the right balance. Yes you listened to fans, but told your story. We might not have liked that you gave us "what we needed, not what we wanted", but you wove your own story, despite ships (ok you play with them, which can be annoying, but we have fanfic to tell those stories), and character bias, and you always had a soft spot for your characters who needed redemption. You made them sympathic, and told their whole story. I'm in total awe of your character development in the shows, TOTAL AWE. You are also an expert in taking what was worthwhile from the fandom and fans, and weaving it into your shows. Need to catch up with Dollhouse, from what I've heard it seems to be becoming a true Joss masterpiece.

Christian Kane has hi-jacked my dreams big style, and being very sexy. I suspect that so much of his personality is quite like a Scotman's, you could just transport him here. Ok I still cannot get the accent (sucks if I try to write him), he has a Glaswegian accent in my dreams. I love your sexy arse for it! *hugs tight"

(no subject)

My internet connection is a bit iffy. I had the engineer out, and the signal is being drowned out with water. I didn't even think it was raining that much. I'm online just now, but not sure for how long, I do live in the wettest part of Scotland, so not good news. It took me over 15 minutes to report it this morning.

Anyway, a bit of a rundown of where I am with fandom.

Buffy!Verse:- Near enough left. The fic being produced doesn't interest me, and the comics have left me flat. Think I'm more a JM fan now than a Buffy!Verse fan, but I am watching AtS Season Two with Ronnie. Also thinking of leaving the communities, they are supposed to be Spike communities, but it seems to be every character except Spike that fic and manips are being produced for. The recs at Darker Spike have far too much Angel in them, not interested unless he is with Spike.

Supernatural:- Still a fan, still love Sam and Jared, reading Jared/Jensen fic. Avoiding Spoilers, looking forward to Friday when I can see the premire of Season Five.

Leverage:- Sad that Season Two is coming to an end, but delighted they have another Season. Still reading Alec/Eliot fic.

Torchwood:- Pretty much left now, RTD's comments have totally left me cold, to be honest with his attitude I hope they don't bring back Captain John Hart, because I don't trust him not to ruin the character, or kill him off. Anyway they went on about JM being expensive, so I doubt it.

Doctor Who:- Well I don't really read the fic, and am not that active in the fandom.

Merlin:- Watch it when I can, but don't really make that much of an effort, will read something if someone on my flist writes it, but really not in the fandom.....Nice bit of bubblegum, but not true to the Auther Ledgend.

Anyway having read that, if our interests are not the same any more, please feel free to defriend, I will not mind. I know a few of you have fandoms you are interested in that I don't, but I suspect that this journal will become quite Supernatural centric for a while now, at least while the Season is on the go. I do kind of hope it is the last Season as EK said it would be, I would like it to go out with a very large BANG, and tell a complete story, to be dragged on for more seasons just for the hell of it, getting worse and worse every season.
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This and That

I had a plot bunny claimed, I really hope this one gets written. I had one before, but heard no more about it. I'm kinda excited about this one, and looking forward to seeing it written it is:-

"At a young age Jared is kidnapped from his family. A secret goverment agency set up to make the most of the "gifted Children" has him.

Years later the goverment release him to Jensen's care to socailise him, Jensen is a psychologist. It is his job to teach Jared, a socially inept genius."

I will not name the writer, just in case it isn't a runner, but anyone interested in links if it does get written?


Ok, thinking multi-fandom geek fictathon.....Willow, Fred, Sam, Hardison, Tosh, Merlin etc. Maybe I just want to do a fictathon, anyway, would it be any good? Anyone feeling the geek love?
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