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Brian Lynch's Characterisation of Spike

I have been lurking round the IDW Message board, and then saw this.

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I posted it at angel6_aft, but want to voice some concerns at my own journal, rather than there, as Brian sometimes visits.

Brian has done well in his Spike stories, but the more I hear him talk about Spike the more I feel his characteristion of Spike is not mine. I don't see Spike as an anti-hero, nor Angel as an arch-nemisis of Spike's and I really cannot see Spike as "having it all" in Hell.

Any thoughts?

Should say this is post NFA Angel Season 5!
Angel, not fade away


I phoned up my comic book shop today, and made sure my Angel: After the Fall was there, and asked for the cover I wanted. So they are going to send it ASAP. I hope to get it tomorrow. I have been going through my friends lists avoiding reviews. Everyone has been wonderful and put them behind cuts, *Loves You All*.

When I get the comic and have read it, I will catch up with your reviews, so you might get late comments from me.

I also ordered the IDW Dr Who comic that is coming out in January as well. Joe Corroney is doing the artwork, so I am really looking forward to that. His work on Spike Vs Dracula was wonderful. Such a pity he couldn't do #5.

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Hope everyone had a wonderful day!
comic after the fall

Nightmares and Spoilers

Woke up three times last night from three different nightmares. The only one I remember now was the first one, I woke up when a shark bit a man in two. Took a bit of time to get back to sleep after that. It was when I could look into his stomach that I just woke up with a start.

Anyway, Spike: Shadow Puppets comes out this week, depends on where you are in the world as to what day you get it. I was just doing a little thinking about the nature of the puppets in the comic.

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I hope I get a better sleep tonight!
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I got my "Spike:Shadow Puppets" today, I know late to the party! Before I go on, I love IDW, and will continue to support them.....but!

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Well left with just a clammy sweat now, so I think the cold is clearing up. Not going out for long periods of time as yet, but luckly my friends are coming over to my house to visit....they say I'm not contagious anymore. Still got the coughs, but the pain seems to have gone away. At least I am not on pain-killers any more. And I am eating better as well!

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Ok, enough already! God I am such a moan today! :-)
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Spoiler Alert!

Ok, so you have just bought your Spike:Shadow Puppets #1, you do not want a 5 page spoiler for the next issue? You do not want to see the two covers on offer? You really don't want to know what wonderful and interesting characters are in the next issue? Then DO NOT Click HERE. Oh Oh see if you pick up the Firefly Reference?

Ever get the feeling that if you began ranting you would never stop? That is how I feel today, a couple of things have set me off, kinda depressed about things.....kinds feel like letting off steam, but we know how that usually works in a situation like fandom or something....so lips zipped shut.

Also feeling a little sick, hot and bothered, not a good mix for letting off steam. Usually say something to regret.

ETA, anyone know where the navigation strip above the header went when looking round LJ, to post? I seem to have lost mine for the past two days
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Spike:Shadow Puppets

Spike Shadow Puppets is out in the US today, and from the spoilers I have seen, looks and sounds wonderful! Spike as his own man, hell yes, More More.

If you want to read the spoilers I am talking about it is here, really not sure what cover I will get, I love the first one.
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What Is Canon?

I am sure that those of you who are interested have seen this link already Weldonesque comments

So what is canon? Well what Joss says it is. The main question seems to be, what cannon do we except? The comic books and paperback book are not canon, unless Joss says it is....Therefore "Fray", "Tales of the Slayers" and Tales of the Vampires" is, until Joss says othewise, while the Spike and Angel IDW comics are not. Neither is "Pretty Maids all in a Row" etc. So how pure are the fans about canon. Do we stick to it like gospel?

I would say the answer to that is no. Lots of people do not agree that Drusilla sired William, preferring to have Angelus as the sire, for one example. There are many more.

Fanfic doesn't slaveishly follow canon, and would be stunted if it did, it would get in the way of creativity. So why the debate? If Joss says it is canon, it is. We just don't need to follow it in our creative endeavours. Maybe on certain messageboards and communities it is important, but for the fanfic writer and artist, if it gets in the way of a project, then we are AU or AR.

My own concern with a comic being canon is that only a few will follow this story, and know the continuation of canon in this media. So the canon gurus will be a select body who will buy the comic. Others will not. Those who don't buy comics for whatever reason, those who do not last the distance (Of which I might be one), or cannot afford to spend the money and time tracking down perhaps more then 25 issues. That would mean canon will be held by only a few. From what I have read of the comic, I am not impressed. The idea of spending all that time and money on something, even if Joss is involved, doesn't appeal. But I will wait and see what happens before throwing the gauntlet down.

Canon is what Joss says it is, and should lead to some straighforward answers to questions people may ask about what happened to who, when and why. It will not stop people from writing the stories they want, just the learnered (increasingly will be few), who follow canon in all its guises, will have the authority (granted by Joss) to comment and advise others about what really happened when.

Ok my take on it!
Dru and Spike #2

Shout Out to tamibrant, and everyone else!

Hi tami, remember we were chatting yestereday, and I said I would try and get a couple of pages scanned for you from Spike vs Dracula #4 with Spike and Drusilla? Well I tried, but my scanner really is bad. The text is not readable, but here are three pages with the sinsiter twosome!

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I also found a site where you can nominate your videos! Only takes self nominations, so I couldn't do it! But does take cross overs. That wonderful Angel/Spike/Booth/Fine one is just waiting to be a part. I checked and it will be welcomed, even with the goth Buffy banner! Link to poisoned_kiss is here!

Anyone else interested, they would love your nominations! But HAS to be self nominated, I also checked that out!