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Happy Halloween!

I hope everybody is having a good day. I'm happy enough, but not going to be the best Halloween for a few reasons.

A) No drinks because I still have the suspected ulcer.

B) Filling fell out yesterday, so no sweets or chocolates either :-( Still it was over 20 years old so I can't complain.

C) Was up until 6 am playing bingo at a land comm. I did get bingo, but suffering for it today.

To cheer myself up I'm going to make a pot roast. The brisket was quite expensive (I remember when it used to be quite a cheap peice of meat). Will make it just like my mum did, I loved it as a child.

Oh well, at least it isn't raining and not to cold for this time of the year either. I also have marshmallow showballs for any trick or treaters who come to the door.

Also only 25 days until the Christian Kane concert \0/.

Jake is Hardison's cousin. At least that is what Aldis says, so slightly canon. Love you Aldis!

*hugs to all*
Chris and Steve

Just Bought Myself a Birthday Present.

Ok, not going to buy the Halloween Costume this year, as I have decided on a Birthday Present for myself. I've just booked a ticket to see the Acoustic gig with Christian Kane and Steve Carlson in London on the 24th. I can't afford the Vampire Ball, so this is the next best thing.

Is anyone else going? Would anyone be interested in

A) Meeting up to go to the gig on the 24th

B) Meeting up in London on the 25th (I know it is my birthday, but I would just be pleased to meet up, don't want you to make anything of it).

I should be around the Lambeth area I guess. Should be travelling down on the 23rd, at the gig on the 24th then, if anyone is interested, meeting LJ people on the 25th then travelling back on the 26th.

I would be pleased if anyone knows any good, cheap places to say in the area. I was thinking of the Rose and the Crown, but more than willing to listen to any alternatives.

Going to see Christian play! :-)
Chris and Steve

Chris/Steve Comment Fic Meme

Time to do a comment fic meme with Christian Kane and Steve Carlson. So get your thinking caps on for prompts and get inspired to write a fic in answer to those prompts. It will be fun!


Credit for original CK manip to blondebitz and credit for banner manip to pippii

Come along and join the fun!

And feel free to pimp anywhere you think might be interested, please.
Chris and Steve

Need some help please.

I've decided to do the Chris/Steve AU Meme, where people leave comments for fic, and writers come along and write a comment fic for it. Now I need a bit of help from my friends list. I would like an eyecatching promo banner to encourage people to join in.

I have put some pictures of Chris and Steve under the cut. If any of my talented friends who can do banners could maybe make me on using any of these pictures I would be delighted. Please?

The Steve pictures where supplied by pippii who tracked them down. Thank you so much darling. *hugs*

Collapse )

I think that is enough. Not dail-up friendly, honest. Loads of pictures behind cut.

Could someone help poor unartistic me?
Guitar Christian

Dreaming Is Free!

Meant to do this yesterday, but I had a Chris dream, which I thought I would share for those of you who enjoy them.

I was an actress in the dream who was pretty well known. Anyway the people involved in Leverage found out I was following all of them and asked if I wanted to be a guest star in an episode. I said yes and got on a plane to Portland to do the episode. Aldis came to the airport to pick me up, and took me to a supermarket to get supplies. At the Supermarked we met up with Chris and Tom. Aldis and Tom let Chris and I walk ahead, and we got talking as we picked up a shopping trollery. We made arrangements to go out together, and started to pick up groceries together, mostly fruit.

I woke up then with 'House Rules' stuck in my head. Never got the date :-(

Wondering why so many of my Chris dreams recently feature food, not that I'm complaining
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Aww Christian. *pets him*

Christian has twice referred to the Hardison/Eliot ship. Once in an article for an internet mag (that one made me clinge more chance that people outside fandom would read it), and last night on twitter.

"Don't forget to watch #leverage. Won't dissapoint. If you are a Hardison/Eliot fan, Well, I'll just say ur in for a treat!!! Hahaaaa "

I can kind of understand Christian being a little more comfortable with slash than others. He did come from the Buffy!Verse (were we would slash anyone with anyone given half a chance), and is friends with Jensen and David Boreanaz, who have quite the illustrious career for their Angel and Dean characters staring in slash fanfic, so I'm not surprised that he is totally aware of it, and, despite his redneck persona, was the only celeb I follow on twitter who supported the AIDS day that twitter had. Three times (was proud of him).

I usually don't really like the crossover between fanfiction and the actors playing the roles, but quite liked this little twitter message.
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Flitering Thoughts on a Sunday

zoesmith did such an excellent job of my icon I keep getting followed by people who are involved in icons. It also matches the Leverage twibbon as well.

Today I had SIX phone calls from David about Sesame Seed Oil. I don't need it until Wedesday. We decided to leave it until the day as my local Asda stocks it as standard. In the end.

Saw that Christian Kane had a "God Bless Our Camper" T-Shirt, which reminded me of the "God Bless This Wall" picture Michael made. The idea was that whatever God did to look after that wall, Michael would do to look after the other walls. His excuse to get out of decorating, because God of course never decorated his wall.

Is there anything uglier than a zombie? I vote them the ugliest creatures of all.

Is this Annie Lennox at her most ecentric? Great voice, but truely ecentric video.


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