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A Vengeance Demon Is Born

I am so happy, I have a lovely General fic to post, yes the one I talked about with Cecily in it! Hope some of you give it a try!

Title: A Vengeance Demon Is Born
Author: woman_of_
Characters: Cecily, D’Hoffryn
Word Count: 609
Acknowledgements: thirdblindmouse for the beta. Thank you so much! Your help is much appreciated.
Rating: 18
Warnings: Reference to past child abuse, nothing graphic, magic use.
Summary: Events leading up to Cecily coming to the attention of D’Hoffryn, and becoming Halfrek
Collapse )

Hope you enjoy it!
Guitar Christian

Cecily to Halfrek, When Did She Change?

I was considering doing a sort ficlet on the curcumstances surrounding Cecily deciding to become a vengence demon (or as she called herself a Justice Demon), but would like to know what everyone else sees as the timeline.

Joss said that Halfrek and Antanka where together during the Russian Revolution because he wanted to show that Cecily was Halfrek post the events in "Fool for Love". Which would mean that she was human, and in LMPTM Miss Underwood is part of a family Anne, Spikes mother seems to know about. Indeed she says she is "lovely".

The comic "Old Times" hinges on Cecily being Halfrek at the time of "Fool for Love". I know that the comic is not cannon, but would anyone be confused if I made her post Cecily Underwood when D'Hoffern offers her the position?
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