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This and That

I've now started on the iron tablets. Had an easy dinner, as Ronnie and I halved a Chinese Vegetable Soup (which I put some spinich leaves into that David brought over) and a Mushroom Omellet, chips and vegetables between us. The Chinese gives such big meals. Anyway, David's friend Marie advised not to have any caffine for half an hour after taking the iron tablets, so I've either been drinking fruit jucies or eating an orange, as vit C helps process the iron. I'm feeling very virtuious.


Looking at my angst_bingo I've decided to do one line. I'm still not sure if I should go across or down. The prompts are Delirium, Mutation, Insanity, Jealousy and Broken bones or Jealousy, Using others or being used, Bodyswap, Courtship rituals and Undercover. Either way, I'm using Jealousy. I really fancy that one. If I can just decide who is jealous of whom.


After going to the dentist, getting my hair styled and being able to get into my jeans and polo neck jumper, David decided I look years younger :-)


Got back into the habit of watching Supernatural and Angel episodes while Ronnie and David visit on a Friday, then Ronnie and I discuss them afterwards. Not David, who tends to take the time to relax.


David also brought me over some Thorntons chocolates. Just three, which I thought was very considerate considering I had been ill this week. Three is enough to enjoy, without any side effects from over eating them. David FTW!
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comic after the fall

Yes, It's that time again.

Yes, yet again, more about the Buffy!Verse comics. Now in my ideal world, AtS would go to Dark Horse, where I will never buy another comic again, and Spike would get his own series at IDW written by Brian Lynch. I know, dream on. Alternatively, if I can't have that, he would die a hero's death, and be left forever in the realms of fanfiction, away from all the politics of Dark Horse and IDW. It kind of makes you feel that the characters who did die went to fanfic heaven, while the ones who are left are in hell. They have ruined the character of Angel that I no longer find him interesting enough to head his own series. I do blame both Dark Horse and IDW for this. So what do you think, if you are not sick to the back teeth of the subject already.

Poll #1607418 *sigh* Latest Developments in the Dark Horse and IDW Saga


Happy AtS is going back to Dark Horse
Unhappy AtS is going back to Dark Horse
Think the treatment of IDW by Dark Horse is unprofessional
IDW Should Sue them
Depends on what happens to Spike
Don't give a damn one way or the other
Entertained by the antics of the companies
Doesn't really matter, the characters are damned one way or another
Oh another comic wank on the way is it?

Angel's character has been ruined by

Dark Horse
Both of them
His character is not ruined, he will still come up smelling of roses
Don't give a damn

In an ideal world

AtS would go to Dark Horse and Spike would have his own series at IDW
Brian Lynch will take over as the writer for Spike at IDW
Spike should die a hero's death and get out of this mess
Spike should be the hero, taking Buffy's side where he belongs
I don't trust Dark Horse with Spike's character
IDW are ruining Spike's character
I don't trust either Dark Horse or IDW with Spike's character
I don't give a damn
Singing Lorne

Memorial Challenge

For those of you who have been around for a while, I'm thinking of holding a one off challenge. For my newer friends, I used to hold a little challenge where you could write a little drabble, ficlet or do some artwork such as manip, icons or anything that took your fancy.

The 24th of August will be 20 years since my husband Michael died, and I'm blaming my increasing feelings of sadness and a bit of a turn towards depression on that event. As a way of expressing it creativatly, it led me to thinking of doing a little challenge with two of my favourite characters Doyle and Lorne from AtS, to celebrate those wonderful characters, and remember the actors Glenn Quinn and Andy Hallet. Good idea Y/N, a little poll to find out.

Poll #1596531 Memorial Challenge

Should I hold a little challenge next week in memory of Doyle and Lorne?

Challenge, what do you mean?
You've made me feel sad now *sob*

But must admit to looking forward to Leverage this week. Eliot and Hardison handcuffed to each other? Be still my shippy Eliot/Hardison heart, my OTP on the screen. If that doesn't cheer me up, nothing will.
Angel gameface

Dominate, and why I don't always see the same as others

Ok, you all know that I accept that my characterisations is not always the same as everyone else. So from my fun poll where you indulged me by voting, Angel came out at most Dom. I just don't see it. I guess if I'm in the minority, I've missed something, but it is just EH to me.

Angel, to me, is Sub from Season One to Season Two of BtVS (until Angelus arrives). Not only that but he is Sub to a teenage schoolgirl, who is totally inexperienced. I accept at the Slayer she is in a different catagory from others, but most of the time she still acts like a little girl with too much responsibility thrown at her. She could do with a someone strong to help support her. Angel doesn't do that. He doesn't even get involved when they know she is in a fight for her life until Xander pushes him. He either doesn't care, doesn't care enough to risk himself or a coward. None of these are signs of a good Dom.

Season Two he at least gets out and starts to fight at Buffy's side, but is never her equal, she is still the strongest. They fight as individuals, not at couple who know each others strenghts and weaknesses and are ready to watch out for each others back. As Buffy is the strongest, he still comes over as Sub.

Then comes Angelus, who I will deal with later.

Season Three and Angel comes back in an animalistic state. Buffy then proceeds to chain him up (who said there is now BDSM on BtVS). He remains such until they need him to show he still loves Buffy as a plot device. Ok, the then makes the decision that he is not good for Buffy, and takes the decision to leave so that Buffy could get on with her life and growing up. He is under pressure from Buffy's family and friends, but if the truely loved Buffy, and was Dominate enough, nothing would take him from her side. Instead he caves.

Dom on AtS? Ummmm! He gets an investigative team around him, that he proceeds to lose in Season Two because he couldn't talk to them, and had decided, again, what was best. More a case of being dogmatic than Dom.

I could go on, but Angel, to me, needs someone to take care of him rather than being in the position to assume the role of Dom and take care of another. He cannot even handle his own issues, then how could he be the one to be a good Dom in such a relationship. As a crap Dom that everyone with half a braincell would run away screaming from (Angelus), yes. Then I would rather not, thank you. Really that sort of Dom is not the type I want to read about.
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One Bloody Min

A (Not So), Hypothetical Question.

Ok, you are deeply invested in a TV programme. Probably love certain characters and actors, love the interaction on the screen. Love the individualism the actors give to the characters. The expression, emotion, humour and are enjoying it. You don't mind that the budget/techologial constraints mean that the special effects can be a little limited. In fact that could be part of the reason that you love the show. It has great dialogue, a great team behind the scenes, and a creator who seems to really care. It is his baby.

You have spent time and effort in the underlying themes of the show, maybe bought books on various critics talking about the cultural and significant references about the show. You have not just invested time, but also money.

You find other people who feel as passionately about the show, and the characters as well as the actors as yourself. You take up various fandom interests. It is your main hobby. When you come in the internet, a lot of your time is spend persuing messagesboards, sites, fanfic, art anything concerning the show. You are almost word perfect, these characters live in your head.

Then it changes meduim, the team changes, the actors are no longer there. The deeper message of the show seems to have altered, the characters are behaving in a way you didn't see on the show. The artwork is childish, and the characters seem to have regresses to younger version of themselves and be stunted in comparison to the great character development you witnessed on your beloved TV series. The great series seems to be being used to poke fun at others, inclucing certain fans.

Wouldn't you be hurt, angry and feel betrayed?

Yes this might be about Buffy Season Eight at Dark Horse, and the way IDW are treating Angel now
Angel gameface

Buffy and Angel's most controversial deciions.

Well the results of the poll are in, and Buffy's worse decision was going to the vineyard unprepaired, while Angel's was going to work for W&H.

What both of these decisions have in common is that they are autocratic, there was no consultation with anyone, they both made 'executive' decisions for the team as a whole. This was something both Buffy and Angel were guilty of a lot, and never learned better than to do it. They both saw themselves as The, The Slayer, The Champion, which seemed to deem them the ones to make any decisions. Not consulting with people is neither good leadership, or good management. I will spare you the little we learned at university on the subject, as it was a total waste of time. We had the head of department as our seminar tutor, and he never turned up, not once, nor did he turn up for the lectures he was supposed to give either. I passed on what I learned in Higher Modern Studies, and knew more than the others taking the course.

So really, basically management (or leadership), which resulted in the deaths of team members.
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Angel gameface

Angel's Worse/Most Controversial Decision?

After the poll with Buffy, Angel wants equal time to show what he had done wrong. So, which was his most dubious decision. Going to work for Wolfram & Hart? Or any one of many many more?

Poll #1510062 Angel's Worse/Most Controversial Deciision?

Angel's Most Dubious Decision was?

Yet again, I would prefer if the comic wasn't mentioned, and just keep to the TV series, there are so many to chose from.

The Buffy poll had a lot of different answers, but one did come ahead. I may see what this one produces, and it may lead to something at the end of both of the polls. Not sure yet.
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Angel Spike Wedding party

Get Real, and Face Facts

I get annoyed with the continued 'debate' between the Bangel and Spuffy shippers. They are so stuck in the past, and not taking into account some basic facts in thier blind devotion to these ships.

The actors concerned will never get back together agan to make it on screen anywhere. Both DB and JM look far to old now to play either Angel or Spike.

It was alright that they changed while the programme was airing, but the changes in the intervening years have been too much. I can only suspend disbelieve so far.

Vampires do not age, actors do. And, no, I do not accept that Angel is human now, not at all! Apart from which DB has so far moved on, I suspect he has little (or should I say a snowball's chance in hell), interest in playing Angel again.

Wanting either Bangel or Spuffy in the comics.......NO! First of all two different companies own the respective characters, and have no interest in working together to put either Buffy in the Angel comics, or either Angel or Spike in the Buffy comics. Not going to happen.

What I think is telling is that JW was not interested in becoming involved in the comics until after the split. I do not think he wants either Bangel or Spuffy to go any further, he has told their story, and, as far as he is concerned they are both over. They have had the desired effect.

So get off your shipper rose tinted glasses, and enjoy the other aspects of the verse. There is more to it than rather shallow love stories. You want Bangel or Spuffy? Do like the rest of us and depend on fanfic, it is not happening in the official verse.
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Friending/Defriending Policy...or as I rather say Subscibe/Unsubscibe

Hi, seen a few defriendings going on. I just want everyone to know that at this journal you can subscribe/unsubscribe (friend/defriend) at any time, no questions asked. If you came here expecting one fandom and find I'm talking about fandoms you are not really interested in, or you find something else that you don't like, then I will not be offended if you hit the button. Just be pleased for the time we had together, but if our interests are not the same anymore, I'm ok with that, or if I'm not the person you expected me to be, that is fine as well.

I will be cleaning up my profile page soon, and as part of that I will be in manage friends, don't worry, shouldn't effect anyone, just tidying up some deleted journals, maybe cutting back on a few communities.

I watched AtS Dead End (I had forgotten how awesome that episode was), Leverage The Nigerian Job and Supernatural It's a Terrible Life (yes I still maintain that Dean was SUPPOSED to be out of character in that episode) and Lazerus Rising with Ronnie and David. Was suprised how litte either Ronnie or David remembered from Season Three. Also some Father Ted (just in the mood).

Does anyone else find it disconcerting that in Season Five of Supernatural how Sam and Dean seem to have changed roles? In previous seasons, Sam was the one in contact with Bobby, and doing the online research, while Dean was the one who went out and talked to people. Now, this season, it is the other way round, with no explianation as yet as to why. I always do a double take when I see it.

Anyone want an episode review of any of the episodes I've watched? They are not current, so I didn't bother, but I guess some of you might be interested if I offered.