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Procedure went well, well as well as can be expected, and hopefully that is an end to it. No complications, and had a good nights sleep afterwards. Been a bit sleepy since, but ok. All really to report. Hope everyone else is keeping well.

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Well, long time, no post. I have a reason, pretty tired with this. Got my procedure this Thursday, so, if I do get it, as I've had my period for two weeks now. I'm also tired of that, so hopefully they can do something about that.

Hurt my ankle as well, but seems just badly brused and swollen, heard nothing back from the hospital about the X-rays they did.

Well, all seems to be about my health, not much else to report really
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Hi, had a busy couple of days, but I'm back now. The hospital appointment went as well as can be expected. I've got a fybrod 5cm long, or about 2in. I have to go back on the 18th for more tests, but the problem has a name now, so something can be done about it.

What have I been doing? Well lots of little things, but nothing really interesting. Seeing RL friends, going out and about, watcting Season Four of Supernatural with Ronnie.
Not earth shattering. My hospital precedure will be on the 18th, so not long to wait.
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I've been missing Michael today. Wish he was here, or I was with him. Stopped taking my iron tablets, as I was missing my porrage and French Toast too much. Do have a period, or whatever I have now, and made the arrangements to go see the Gyn on Thursday, so no big loss.

My internet connection went down today, but got it back now. Also did the Lotus position today, as well as some other streaching yoga positions. Thought I did ok for a 51 year old really. Been a bit windy and wet today as well, which was refreashing.

I guess I was just a bit up and down with my emotions today. Feel quite good just now though!

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Seems to be various things wrong with LJ. I'm here, but it is really slow for me. I've read why these things are happening, and will stick with LJ to show my support for the site. I also want to keep the friends I have here as well.

LJ forever!
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