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A Vengeance Demon Is Born

I am so happy, I have a lovely General fic to post, yes the one I talked about with Cecily in it! Hope some of you give it a try!

Title: A Vengeance Demon Is Born
Author: woman_of_
Characters: Cecily, D’Hoffryn
Word Count: 609
Acknowledgements: thirdblindmouse for the beta. Thank you so much! Your help is much appreciated.
Rating: 18
Warnings: Reference to past child abuse, nothing graphic, magic use.
Summary: Events leading up to Cecily coming to the attention of D’Hoffryn, and becoming Halfrek

Cecily snuffed out the black candles she had used for the spell to gain revenge on her worthless parents. She was satisfied at last. Stripped of their wealth and position, as they should be, now in a paupers’ prison, they would be treated as the lowest of the low, which was only fitting after what her father did to her ruined her as a wife, all the young men she had to turn away, because she was not a virgin anymore, her father had taken that away from her as a child. While her mother did nothing to help her. They both deserved the fate she had given them. Now her family were safe from the debauchery that was her parents’ downfall. Taking away the evidence of her spell, she put them away into her wardrobe.

As she turned away towards her bed, her one regret was that she couldn’t watch them suffer. That would’ve been fitting: to observe them on their downward trail though the prison, living in squalor, mistreated and abused for their much shorter lives now. She would be the matriarch of the family, protecting the siblings and their children from the world. They would not be ruined as she was by her father. If only she could save others from such abuses of power as she had faced, her life as a wife and mother beyond her grasp for her shameful state.

A noise attracted her attention. She saw a demonic figure standing, looking at her with paternal eyes.

“I have to say that we are very impressed with your actions tonight. Only fitting that they should lose all that they strove for and all the gains they made for the terrible things they did to you,” the demon sympathised.

“Who, may I ask, are you, and what concern is it of yours what my actions are?” Cecily asked in a haughty tone, to cover her surprise at the appearance of the being in her bedroom.

“Why, I am D’Hoffryn, and I wish to offer you a position as one of my valued girls. There are many benefits: immortality, and the chance to help others, as you see fit,” D’Hoffryn answered.

“Why would I help others, who would I help?” Cecily asked uncertainly.

“You would be a vengeance demon. With this talisman you could grant the wishes of abused children, help them make bad parents pay for their actions,” D’Hoffryn smiled.

“I would be able to grant wishes to help make abusive parents pay… Yes, I would enjoy that, but what is in it for you?” Cecily gave a guarded look, but was intrigued by the idea.

“Why, for the amusement to the lower beings, watching the humans here on earth paying for their misdeeds.” D’Hoffryn saw the look in her eyes and knew he had another girl on his list. He handed out the pendant.

“I accept.” Cecily took the pendant, ready to grant any wish an unhappy child might make, sure her cause was just, and that she would be able to protect children as was her dearest desire. Demon he might be, but he had given her the opportunity to fulfil her deepest wish, and for that she was grateful, she would work hard to prove herself worthy.

As Cecily disappeared on her first mission, D’Hoffryn smiled. The haughty ones were the easiest to recruit. He returned to his own dimension, ready to watch his latest vengeance demon make trouble on Earth for the humans. After all, watching these beings suffer was what amused the lower beings the most, and granting children’s wishes, why, that could have so many possibilities for amusement.

Hope you enjoy it!
Tags: cecily, ficlet, gen
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