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Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends in the US
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Happy Halloween
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Obituary: Sir Jimmy Savile

In his distinctive Yorkshire tones, the words "Now then, now then" meant Sir Jimmy Savile was getting down to business.

For more than six decades, Sir Jimmy, who has died at the age of 84, was one of Britain's most established showbusiness figures and a leading charity worker.

The country's first pop disc jockey, Sir Jimmy was also a seasoned television presenter, marathon runner, Mensa member, wrestler and fundraiser.
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Well not to make anyone jealous about my great dreams, but I had another Buffy!Verse one last night. I was working with JM, and NB wasn't far away. So in the course of the conversation between the three of us, I mentioned that my favourite female actress on Buffy (and Angel), was CC. NB, who was in the middle of moving (we were over helping), decided to e-mail CC, and grabbed a tote bag with Kane on it, which I thought was awesome and keeped following him to tell him that.
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I had two great dreams last night, and remembered them both. The first was Buffy!Verse, with Buffy and Xander againt a panel of fans answering questions on their own lives, and both panicing that the panel would get more correct answers than they did. I appeared to be Drusilla, and was playing 'Who is afraid of the big bad wolf', as only Drusilla would. After I woke up, feeling pretty good about that dream, I got up and had a drink. I went back to bed, and had my second, totally awesome dream. It was Supernatural, and I was married to Sam (said it was awesome), I had great safeopening skills, and we were helping a young woman who was being plagued by ghosts. I also got to be very sarky with Dean about his conquests as well. Only problem being Dean fell on top of me in a very compromising postition. It was fun!
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