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Timeless Elegance
Kaethe took a slight detour before she heading back to her estate. Pulling up along side the curb, the engine shut off and the keys slipped into the pocket of her suede skirt, feeling the envelope she had slipped there earlier, Kaethe made a mental note to herself to look over the contents of the cream colored envelope when she returned to the house.

Her fingers gripped lightly the handle of the door, pulling it open, Kaethe then stepped inside the dimly lit and fairly smokey establishment.

"Well, hello there." Kaethe found her path blocked, after having only made it half way to the bar, by a big, burly and extremely unhandsome vampire who grinned at her with a toothy grin.

"You're in my way." Kaethe said calmly while she grabbed hold of the guy's right arm with both hands, giving a fairly good shove which sent the vamp flying sideways, his form crashing into the table a few feet away. Dusting off her hands as if to rid them of the dirt she might have picked up from the annoying piece of vermin. Kaethe proceeded to make her way to the bar, she could feel a glance here and there, but really paid no attention to any of the customers in the bar.

"Tell me what you know about Dawn Summers." Kaethe said to Willy once she reached the bar.

"Dawn Summers? You mean the slayer's kid sister?" Willy answered back. " Now why would you want to go and get mixed up with either one of the Summers' girls? Bad news if you ask me, Kaethe."

"Please do shut up with your unwanted opinions, Willy and just tell me what I want to know."

"Alright," Willy said with a bit of a sigh. "But not here, I think it would be best to have this chat in my office in the back. Never know who might be listening in."

"Very well, do bring a clean glass and a bottle of your best blood wine, Willy." Kaethe said, waiting the couple of moments for Willy to get the glass and bottle of wine, she then followed Willy to his office. The two then disappeared behind the closed door.

Kaethe emerged from Willy's office about forty-five minutes later, content with what she had learned about the dark haired Dawn Summers. After leaving the bar Kaethe drove home.

When Kaethe finally got settled in her bed for the night or what was left of it, she reached over to the bedside table gently lifting the small cream colored envelope from the tabletop. She had placed the envelope there before she changed into a long, silk sleeveless sleeping gown.

"Hmm...interesting," Kaethe murmured after she glanced over the contents of the envelope. It had been quite a long time since Kaethe had attended a black tie event, though in the days of long, long ago they were not called that. Tucking the invitation back into the envelope, Kaethe placed it back on the table. A proper dress would have to be purchased or perhaps made exclusively for the event, which Kaethe thought would be an interesting affair.

After slipping further beneath the covers, Kaethe found a comfortable position and soon her eyes drifted closed, taking her into a light mode of sleep.
A Look of Knowing
Pulling up near the curb Kaethe slowed the jeep as she leaned toward the passenger side door, her eyes had been drawn toward a man who had been walking down the street and had just disappeared into one of the local bars. Reaching the end of the block Kaethe turned the wheel, the jeep maneuvered through the alley to the next street. Circling around the block til she came to a stop in front of the bar she had seen the man go into.

Turning the engine off, Kaethe eased the key out of the ignition and slipped the keys into her pocket. Once out of the vehicle, making sure the doors of the jeep were locked, Kaethe headed toward the entrance of the bar. Not the usual bar you would find people congregating at, the only humans one would normally find here would be the unfortunate souls who would not see the light of another day.

Once inside the building, the soft clicking of Kaethe's leather boots could be faintly against the wooden planks of the floor as she walked toward the bar.

"This place is only fit for vermin and their kind." Kaethe spoke, a look of distaste showing on her features as she run a finger lightly across the counter, brushing her hands together then as if to rid them of dust and dirt. Her gaze then lifted to the man who stood behind the bar, the one she had taken notice of outside.

"You know, lady. There are lots of.....I'll be damned!" The look of resentment on the bartender's face turned to a look of surprise when he saw the face of the woman standing on the opposite side of the bar. The surprised look faded as a grin now appeared in its place.

"Kaethe! Christ how long has it been?" The tender said as he made his way around from the back of the bar. Though he knew she was not one for showing public displays of affection, he embraced her nonetheless.

"So this is the establishment I put money into, Willy?" Kaethe said a bit unpleasantly, her gaze wandering around the dimly lit interior. She definitely was not impressed with what she saw. Finding arms wrapped around her, Kaethe gave a light hug in return and a gentle pat to Willy's back.

"Come on, it really isn't that bad and the customers seem to like it and in actuality this isn't the original bar you put money into. You know that place was destroyed in the battle, just like the rest of the town." Willy said in response. So the place was not in one of the better parts of town, some might consider it a dive, but Willy didn't do all that badly running the place. "Least I can do is buy you a drink on the house." Willy continued, grabbing a clean rag from behind the bar he walked to one of the corner tables, wiping off one of the seats first, then ran the cloth over the table top a couple times.

"A mere technicality." Kaethe returned, the corners of her mouth curving up into a smile.

"Make sure the glass is clean." Kaethe stated, following Willy to the table. Once the seat had been wiped off she, a bit reluctantly, sat down at the table. Willy was blood, one of a few descendants of Kaethe's family. Kaethe was a was descendant of Basarab the Great, a fourteenth-century prince and her grandfather was Mircea cel Batrin. This fact also made Willy a descendant of royalty.

"So what brings you to Sunnydale, Kaethe?" Willy asked politely when he returned with a freshly washed glass and a bottle of blood wine. Once he had poured the crimson colored liquid into the glass, setting the bottle down next to the glass, Willy took a seat across the table from Kaethe.

"Las Vegas got tiresome and is currently overrun with vampires." Kaethe stated, her fingers curled lightly around the glass, lifting the vessel to her lips to take a drink. "So naturally now I will need suitable living quarters."

"And you came to Willy for that." A broad grin found its way onto Willy's features. " I happen to know of a couple prime places that are still unoccupied that may interest you."

"There are only a couple hours of darkness left." Kaethe pointed out, before she drained the glass of its contents. She ran her tongue slowly over her lips, relishing the taste of the wine, which was more blood then wine.

"Then we better get moving." Willy said, rising up from his chair.

"Try not to cause any damage." Kaethe reached into her pocket as she stood and drew out her keys, handing them over to Willy. Since Willy knew where the places were, Kaethe felt it would be better to let him drive. Kaethe turned away from the table and started the walk toward the door, definitely glad to be leaving the dimly lit and dingy establishment.

Willy grabbed the bottle from the table as he turned to follow Kaethe, he wasn't worried about leaving the bar as once his presence was noted as missing Drag'on would automatically take over the running of the place until Willy returned.

Willy drove an estimated time of about 5 minutes out of town when he slowly turned the steering wheel, guiding the jeep down a dirt path. Once past the trees lining either side of the road Kaethe saw a three story brick building with an iron gate encasing the front yard of the house.

Willy stopped the jeep at the edge of the dirt road that led to the house. Once she felt the vehicle cease to move Kaethe eased open her door and stepped out of the jeep. Her light blue eyes swept over the structure, the way the light of the moon illuminated the place made it all the more attractive to Kaethe.

"Word is if the place is still on the market by the end of this week a couple vampires are planning on settling in." There was no for sale sign on the property. The only way Willy had learned it was on the market is from talk he had heard in the vampire bar.

"There is another piece of prime real estate that may interest you, Kaethe." Willy offered, though from the way she was looking over the house Willy had a feeling she had her mind made up about this property.

"Get this property for me, Willy." Kaethe stated in quite a stern tone as she turned slowly to face him.

"Whatever you want, Kaethe. That's what family is for." Willy gave her one of his sly grins.

If it wasn't for the bloodline that bound them, Kaethe may have squashed Willy like a little bug long ago.

Once back in the jeep Kaethe had Willy drive back to the bar. Once back there she gave him explicit instructions on how she wanted the property purchased. Leaving Willy outside the bar Kaethe returned to the property. Though she did not technically own the place just yet she was staking claim to the building and grounds, by the end of the day she would have the deed to the property. She moved all her things from the jeep into the house, including the bottle of blood wine that Willy had left her.

The first rays of the sun would soon be peeking through the departing night's sky and Kaethe did not want to get caught in their path, shuttering the windows in the first bedroom she had wandered upon, Kaethe changed from her traveling clothes into a sleeveless silk, ankle length night gown and then slipped into the bed. With the light of the sun shut out Kaethe knew she would get a few hours rest.
Las Vegas was getting to overrun for my tastes, I mean it was starting to become a natural occurrence to find dead bodies in the alleyways here and it seemed every other day the newspaper had a small article about this one and that one coming back to life. Whatever happened to selective siring?

I hated giving up my place of living, I knew not more then five minutes after I left some undeserving low life would claim the place as his own. There weren't many underground bunkers here in the sin city, the one I had taken up residence in was just on the outskirts of the city which was just fine for my tastes.

Tossing my bags into the back-seat of my light khaki colored Jeep Wrangler Sahara where I had a couple of boxes of things I really did not want to part with and the thought of some cretin getting his paws on anything I found in the slightest way precious just made my skin crawl.

I had learned that the town of Sunnydale had been rebuilt, what better place to set of living in then a newly built or rebuilt town in this instance.

I was on my way out of Vegas a couple hours after sunset, it would only take a couple hours to reach the town, which would still give me plenty of time to check things out. I figured most of the prime locations that would appeal to a vampire of my stature would be easily found. I mean I was not one of those that had been "born" only a year or two ago, I have been around for centuries and I looked damn good for my age.

A smile curved when I passed the large welcome to Sunnydale sign. Even in the dim lighting of the moonlight I see the newness of the buildings as I drove into the town. I think I am going to enjoy staying in this quiet little town, even if it sits or sat on top of the hellmouth, whichever the case may be.
28th-Jun-2005 08:40 pm - Sunnydale and Beyond
Any questions about Kaethe? Storyline suggestions, ideas, possible plots, scenes, comments, etc? Post them here. Strictly for those in the SAB community!
7th-Apr-2005 08:52 pm(no subject)
My nails raked lightly along the metal railing as my steps took me across one of the catwalks above the main floor of the club, The Bronze, I had learned about. Stopping I made a half turn, my fingers gripping the rail lightly as I looked out over the floor below me where the majority of the club's patrons, mostly high school and college aged kids were mingling and dancing. So unsuspecting and naive they were to the dangers that were so close they could actually reach out and touch them. One of which was now contemplating on gaining control of this specific club. Well I had been sent here to cause trouble and be part of the vamp takeover of the town a certain firm had every intention of doing.

I doubt it will be too hard to locate the owner of this establishment, after that things would definitely go my way and I could very well have the deed to The Bronze by the end of the week

I had sensed him, I had sensed a few of my kind within the building, but this one I felt was closer then the others. I knew he was trying to approach me silently and when he had gotten close enough my arm shot upward, my fingers closing tight around his throat while I turned slowly to face him.

"You and your friends will no longer take as you wish from this club unless it is allowed by me." I spoke while maneuvering back along the catwalk til I had him pinned up against the wall.

"The club is mine." I continued, my eyes locking with his giving him a glimpse of what was in store if he or his companions crossed me. I actually think I felt him quiver momentarily.

"Inform your friends The Bronze has now become the territory of Kaethe." I stated before I tossed him toward the stairs. A smirk crossed my features as I watched him scramble down the staircase toward the floor below.

I left The Bronze a minute or two later to pay a visit to the lawyer Lindsey at his hotel room. I did want it to appear that I had acquired The Bronze legally. I left Lindsey's room about a half hour later, he had promised to find out who owned the club and that we would both pay the owner a visit.

When I finally returned home I found Adina still on the floor of foyer. She seemed to be just waking as I eased the door closed behind me, making certain it was locked securely before I proceeded toward her, a trail of clothing left in my wake.

"Sweet Adina." I murmured lowering down next to her, easily shedding her of her own clothing before I took her.

"Mistress..." Adina murmured in response in a soft sweet moaning whisper. Responding to even the slightest touch of my lips and fingertips upon her delicate flesh.
7th-Apr-2005 08:50 pm(no subject)
The headlights flashed against the building as the car neared the house, well from what I could tell with only the few lamps lighting the outer perimeter of the place it would be considered more a mansion then a simple house. The lights from the car illuminated the figure standing at the door and from the person's build I was guessing it was a male.

I had slowly pulled to a stop at the walk, easing the door open I emerged slowly from the vehicle, gently closing the door behind me before I walked the short stone path to the door.

"I am assuming you are from the Firm." Were the first words I spoke. My eyes did a quick glance over of the man.

"Yes, I'm Lindsey." He said in response, offering out his hand a bit hesitantly in my opinion.

"Well Lindsey, shall we step inside." More of a comment then a question as I took the offered hand, giving it a light shake before my fingers released it.

"Of course, Kaethe." He replied. He turned to grasp the handle of the door, with a single twist of the door knob he had the door open. Staying to the side as to allow me to enter first.

I was given a brief tour of the premises, which I found quite to my liking. The place had three floors, the top floor was mostly for storage, but did have a exceptional large room which I think had previously been used as a study/office. The second floors held five bedrooms and what I was told had previously been a small,private library. The main floor had the usual, a kitchen, a dining room, a study and a living/entertainment room. The was also an indoor swimming pool and large library.

"As you have seen the place does'nt have much in the way of furnishing, but I am guessing you want to tend to that yourself and not have had it done for you." Lindsey was saying as we walked back to the large foyer. "There are packs of fresh blood in the refrigerator, courtesy of the Firm." He added.

"You are right, I would prefer to pick out the furnishings myself as my tastes in furniture varies greatly from that of most people. As for the blood you have supplied, it is appreciated, but I prefer choosing where or more to the point, whom I take it from."

"Well, if you need anything Kaethe," Lindsey said as he took a business card and pen from on inside pocket of the suit jacket he wore."I will be here the next couple of days as there are a few more of your kind that will be arriving in Sunnydale." Lindsey quickly wrote on the back of the card where he was staying and the phone number of the hotel.

"I shall keep that in mind, Lindsey." I said in return, accepting the business card he offered to me, slipping it into the side pocket of my jacket.

After Lindsey had left I retrieved my and Adina's bags from the trunk of the car, then retrieved my little pet from the backseat. Everything was left on the floor of the foyer as I decided, seeing that it was still early enough in the evening for things to still be happening in the town and I was sure some businesses would still be open for me to do a bit of shopping.

Slipping the house keys, which I now had in my possession, into my pocket I returned again to the car. I was then driving down the gravel path leading away from the house, turning then onto the street that would take me to the heart of Sunnydale.
20th-Mar-2005 10:01 am - Leaving LA
Well if Nathaniel did'nt come through, I'll be damn. That being my thoughts when he returned two days later with what I had requested. From the pictures the house I would be occupying was a tad larger then the one I currently resided in. Nathaniel reassuring me that it was the largest house in the town of Sunnydale and had been just recently been vacated by the owners. That did not concern me as I now had to papers proving my ownership of the house and grounds.

The video proved to be authentic, the voice I heard on it was unmistakably Viktor Marius' and he looked exactly the same as I remembered, even his movements were unchanged. This certainly was going to be sweet revenge, I was going to enjoy watching Viktor die, though I wish there was someway I could prolong his suffering.

After Nathaniel departed I had Nina pack a few suitcases, whatever else I would be needing could be easily purchased once we arrived in Sunnydale, at least I hoped that would be the case.

Just after the sunset I was on my way to the town of Sunnydale with Adina resting on the back seat. I had needed something to drink and well she was there. I pretty much had to carry her to the car as she was in too weakened of a state to walk on her own. She was quite subservient now after the days I had spent working with her and was turning into the most obedient pet.

Sunnydale here I come.
13th-Mar-2005 07:11 pm(no subject)
It was three days later when he came, the man those from the firm Wolfram and Hart had sent. I had just settled down to enjoy a breakfast that Adina had prepared for me. Those that had worked for her were fired and I now had Adina tending to all that they had been hired to do which was the cleaning, cooking and laundry. I did keep Nico, the young, good looking gardener around, another plaything so to speak.

"My name is Nathaniel and I am here on behalf of the Senior Partners of a firm known as Wolfram and Hart." Nathaniel said. I motioned for him to take the seat across from me, which he did as he continued talking about why he was sent. He set the briefcase he had with him on the table just to his side.

"Now why would I wish to leave the comforts of my present home and travel to some quaint little town to take it over for people I do not even know? What is it that you can offer me as an incentive to do this? A house? I am liking the one I presently have. Money? I have lived comfortably for many centuries and have the means to live well for many centuries to come. Eternal life? I suppose you can say that has already been bestowed upon me. " I said after listening to him talk about some Senior Partners from his firm who wanted me to travel to some small town and take it over, well myself and a few other vampires who were each being approached about this.

"We have this." Nathaniel said as he opened his briefcase, a manilla folder was taken out which he slid across the length of the table to me. Leaning forward I reached for the folder easing it open when I had it on the table in front of me. I could feel the corners of my mouth tightened when I got a glimpse of what the folder contained.

"Pictures can easily be manipulated." I stated flatly, closing the file and sliding it back toward Nathaniel. From all I had heard centuries ago Viktor Marius was dead, no longer of this Earth, which I had thought was a pity because I had wanted to deliver the bastard to hell myself after what he had done to my family and myself.

"Provide me with living accommodations in this little town those you represent want me to go to, I want something bigger then I presently have and I want a video proving that he is indeed alive, one with sound because I want to hear the bastard's voice to be assured he is alive and once I am settled in this town of Sunnydale I want Viktor brought to me. I want the first two things in two days time, if you can provide me with all I have asked for then I will do what you are asking, if not, do not bother returning, because you would not survive the day, Nathaniel." If it was true and Viktor still roamed the Earth I wanted to personally see to it that that he was sent to hell. So I thought nothing would be lost by accepting at the moment what Nathaniel offered, for if it were true I would be gaining a bit of sweet revenge.

After Nathaniel left I had Adina fetch the gardener, once he was brought to me I left Adina to clear of the table and wash the dishes while I led Nico upstairs.

Nico was a good ride, well that was until I decided to take out my rage on him. My teeth sunk deeply into the veins in his neck, I dug my nails deep into the flesh of his arms to hold him down while he thrashed around beneath me as I drank deeply of the sweet, warm crimson that ran through his body.
8th-Mar-2005 09:48 am - Taking possession
The police showed up at the house a couple hours later, I knew they would. I had answered the door when I heard the bell, I had instructed Adina to remain in her room while I went downstairs.

"Yes?" I asked in a sleepy voice after opening the door to the two officers who stood on the other side.

"Mrs. Cameron?" One of them inquired, both of them looking at me now as I stood within the doorway wearing a knee length nightshirt, it was one I had taken from Adina's closet.

"Mrs. Cameron is upstairs sleeping." I returned. "Is there something I can help you two officers with?

"And you are?" The older of the two asked now. His questioned irked me, but I did not let on.

"Kaethe Daniels, Mrs. Cameron's cousin from the East Coast. I'm visiting her and Damon for a few days. Is there something wrong?

"It concerns Mrs. Cameron's husband and we would like to speak with her if possible." The older cop spoke again.

"Please come in." I said, opening the door further to allow them entrance into the house. "I'll go upstairs and let my cousin know she has visitors." I showed them into the living room, then left the two to go upstairs to fetch Adina.

Once downstairs Adina played her part quite well I must say. Becoming very emotional when she was informed her husband was dead, from what looked like an animal attack the younger of the two officers had said. I comforted her as she broke down hearing the news, letting myself become a bit emotional as well. The police left a few moments later after getting some information and letting Adina know that if they found any thing more out they would contact her.

I walked the officers to the door and thanked them for coming as I opened the door to let them out. Easing the door closed after they left, I watched out one of the narrow side windows by the door until I saw their squad car drive down the long driveway from the house and turn onto the street.

I returned to where I had left Adina sitting on the couch. I stood before her for a few moments, just watching her as she still seemed visibly upset. Humans can get a bit too emotional.

"Come Adina." I said bending down, my arm going around Adina's waist to help her up. "Time to go back upstairs." I said. With my arm around her waist I led her to the stairs, the up them to her room. It was a large room, with a balcony and a private bath.

"You did well my dear Adina." I said once I had gotten her back into the bedroom, the door closed behind us. I then freed the belt that had kept the robe she was wearing closed, letting it just drop to the floor. I then slowly removed the robe from her slender, bare form, it falling to the floor in a pile by the belt. I led her to the bed then, getting her settled beneath the covers before shedding the nightshirt I had been wearing. I slipped under the covers with Adina, letting my form ease upon Adina's I could feel her body tremble beneath mine as I drew the covers completely over the both of us. Her flesh was the softest I had ever felt, the movements of her body enjoyable. She was a sweet thing and I knew I would love owning this soft skinned, sweet tasting creature.
6th-Mar-2005 06:23 pm(no subject)
I find that older men are sometimes more easy prey then the younger ones. They do tend to desire young, pretty things, pity for Damon I suppose, that I was the pretty, young thing he set his sights on this time. I thought gazing down at his now limp, lifeless body still in the chair behind his desk in his private office. He had put up a bit of a struggle after I straddled myself on his lap and began draining him of his life's blood. I do think he believed I was intending to do otherwise.

I picked up the framed picture that sat at the edge of his desk as I started moving around it. Maybe I should pay a little visit to the little wifey, she certainly is a good looking creature and I am sure she would provide many hours of entertainment and pleasure for me

"Oh, chocolates!" I exclaimed softly, placing the picture back down on the desk top. I reached for the small glass jar of wrapped chocolates I just noticed sitting on the desk, taking the lid off I reached in, taking out a few pieces, then replaced the lid before I turned and starting walking toward the door. I slipped the chocolates into the pocket of my jacket as I walked casually down the hall, humming softly to myself, toward the private entrance, the one Damon had snuck me in through for our little rendezvous.

I had no problem finding Damon's house having gotten the address from his drivers license I found in his wallet, it was large, just as he said it was. I was anxious to meet his wife. From the picture in his office she looked to be in her early twenties, about ten years younger then Damon.

I walked up the long pathway toward the house, which was dark from what I could tell as no lights shone through any of the windows. After I pressed the bell with a single finger, it took a couple moments before the door was slowly eased open.

"Yes?" I heard the sleepy voice of a young woman from the opposite side of the door, before she stepped into view.

"Mrs. Cameron, I have some unfortunate news about your husband." I said letting my gaze lift as I spoke. When my eyes locked with hers I detected fear and worry within them. "May I come in..you want me to come in." I said in a soft tone, the fear within her eyes fading as I kept my eyes locked with hers.

"Yes, come in." She responded obediently, humans are so easily manipulated. The door was open further, which allowed me to enter the premises.

"What is your name?" I asked as I gently closed the door behind me, all I had was her last name and that would just not do for me.

"Adina." She answered meekly.

"Adina, Damon is dead, but you need not worry, I am here to take care of you." I said. "Look into my eyes, Adina." I could tell she was starting to waver so I had to get her to keep her eyes focused on mine.

"You trust me, don't you Adina?" I gave a soft smile while I slowly moved my head from side to side, Adina's eyes following mine as they moved.

"Yes....trust." Hearing her reply, which was barely a whisper, I knew for the time being I had her under my control.

"Show me where your room is, Adina." I said, my hand lifting to brush a few strands of her dark hair behind her ear. I was going to enjoy spending time with this dark haired beauty, enjoy it very much. I grinned as my hand lowered, taking Adina's within it. Adina turned slowly then, moving to the stairs that would lead up to her bedroom.

Like an obedient child she led my up the stairs to her room. Once inside the bedroom she seemed to come to her senses as I closed the door. Adina cried out, then the whimpering started.
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