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"Animals strike curious poses."

Was catching up on some NPR podcasts today, and they had a piece with two guys from Maroon 5 talking about how much they love Prince's Purple Rain. Damn, that was a great album. I think it came out when I was in 4th grade, and it still sends me on a massive nostalgia trip. (Please don't tell me you weren't born when it came out; I'm having a hard enough time these days with feeling oooooold!) Something about the plinking melody line from "When Doves Cry" just gets to me. I also love the acapella version on the Romeo + Juliet soundtrack, but I can't find it on YouTube. And yup, I can still recite the whole opening to "Let's Go Crazy"; too bad most of it is cut from the video.

Then I came home to watch the rest of the Popular season 2 DVDs, and Mary Cherry performing "Rock Me Amadeus" sent me straight to YouTube. It's funny how early-to-mid '80s pop -- not new wave -- kinda sucked, but right now I'm tripping on it. Maybe it's the nostalgia factor? And now I'm hunting down other relics on YouTube.
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GOB and Wife of GOB.

Against my better judgment, I'll admit that this made me laugh aloud (even if the last line is ... unfortunate.)

Seeing Sarah Alexander there reminded me of how great Coupling was. Pity that the NBC version was so awful, because I adored the original. Here's my favorite scene: Jeff and his wooden leg.

And now I am watching I Survived a Japanese Game Show. It's kinda stupid but it also makes me laugh, and it looks so pretty in HD. I have low standards for summer TV.
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"What a fun, sexy time for you!"

asta77 had an excellent idea tonight: posting ten YouTube clips that make her happy. I am shamelessly snagging the idea. This will get tricky, though, because YouTube deleted my account -- not for all the BSG stuff, but because I had posted some clips of Crowded House at Live Earth. Ah, well. I don't really care, except I had quite a few faves saved on my account there, and I can't remember what they were.

So, this is isn't a definitive Top Ten, but here are a few Collapse )
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LiveJournal, where updating is a pleasure.

Not much to report tonight, so here are some links. I got a bit verbose this time!

-- In Potter news, Salon has an interesting interview with Michael Goldenberg, the screenwriter for Order of the Phoenix. And Sepinwall wonders "how long the media is going to be willing and/or able to keep a lid on the ending [of Deathly Hallows] -- specifically, the matter of who lives and who dies." And in even MORE Harry-news, the NY Times is chagrined to learn that the HP books don't have a significant effect on childrens' lifelong reading habits. As a reading teacher, I'm a bit disheartened but not surprised.

-- More links from the Times, which always has great reading material. The world's best candy bars? English, of course. I used to hit the Indian supermarkets here in Atlanta to stock up on Aero bars. Mmm. Their prices were so much better than the posh boutique-y English grocery. And for those of you who haven't already seen this one: It's cool to be a librarian! Well, duh. My brother-in-law once joked that my mother failed by raising two do-gooder daughters who chose to become a librarian and a public school teacher... and will never, ever have any money. ;)

-- Mo Ryan sings the praises of Psych, which returns to USA on Friday at 10pm. I never thought I'd like this show, but it's just so darn much FUN. I like the comment about Gus and Shawn as "heterosexual life partners". I agree that James Roday mugs for the camera a bit too often, but the show's still quite an enjoyable way to spend an hour.

-- Slate asks why do schoolchildren get a three-month summer vacation? First of all, two and a half months! (Nitpicky, yeah. ;) The history here is interesting, and I'd also prefer a modified year-round schedule with a similar amount of vacation days but spaced more evenly throughout the year. I doubt that'll ever happen on a large scale, though; here in Georgia, the parents are the ones who complain most vociferously in favor of that long summer vacation.

-- Details has a fun video Q&A with former child stars. You can see what various '80s TV teens are doing now. On that page, I saw a link for their quiz, "Ahh Face or O-Face: Who's popping Pringles, and who's popping a partner?" I'm not sure whether that's obnoxious or kinda amusing.

-- For all my Conchords-loving friends: I made a few more icons, including several of "BOOM!", and a hiphopopotamus for dionusia. Take 'em if you'd like, and keyword credit would be lovely. Thanks!

-- And finally... I've waxed rhapsodic before of my love for the commercials for Publix, a grocery chain in the Southeast (and please, no silly "pube-lix" jokes. Ugh.) Their ad company is amazing: they create these adorable and heartwarming commercials that manage to never cross the line into cloying sentimentality. The Valentine's Day commercial is my all-time favorite, and I just saw a new one! A little boy chooses an apple for a special person in his life. Watch 'em. Trust me. They'll make you feel all warm and glowy. :)
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This band is cool. Frigid, even!

Okay, okay. One more post about Live Earth. While looking up reviews of Crowded House's performance (yes, I'm obsessed again), I found this bit in an article: "A band in Antarctica also performed to a handful of scientists, so concerts were staged on every continent."

I mentioned it to greycoupon, who tracked down Nunatak: The Coolest Gig on Live Earth. They also have a YouTube page, and you can watch their performance here. They're pretty good, actually, and their website has some gorgeous photos of Antarctica. How cool is THAT? :)
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The next group has never even BEAN in a cockpit!

Hmph. I'd wanted to take the laptop and go sit on a patio with a latte, in hopes I could work on the current fic -- ain't getting anything done here. But the fun indie coffeehouse has live music tonight, which would be too distracting. I usually stick with Starbucks because the paid wifi (I'm too cheap to pay for it) means I can concentrate, but I just heard thunderstorms outside. I do have my own covered patio right outside my front door, but I don't have lattes here. Alas and alack.

This video has been making the rounds today. Mika Brzezinski of MSNBC is *not* pleased that her producers have insisted that Paris Hilton is the morning's top story, so she has a mini-meltdown onscreen. She attempts to burn the copy script, then shreds it. She pushes the teleprompter aside. She wants to know why the hell they're covering Paris instead of, oh, Iraq? A bit unprofessional, perhaps, but very cathartic.

On a completely different note, I've been thinking about regional pronunciations. I got into a discussion on TWOP's Bionic thread about Brits doing American accents. My little test is "bean": Americans say it as "ben/bin", whereas the rest of the world tends to say "bean" (and yeah, I'm sure someone will reply to this and insist that they say "bean" in Arizona!) But yeah, it's one of my favorite little games when watching a show. Jamie Bamber's American accent is almost always flawless, but one of my all-time favorite lines of the show is his slip in AoC: "The next group has never even BEAN in a cockpit!" That always makes me giggle. Yes, I'm a dork. Taylor Kitsch on FNL usually does a good job with the Texas accent -- and I know my Texas ones -- but once or twice the British Columbia native says "aboot". Not exactly common in West Texas. ;)

So, just for fun, I thought I'd do a little poll. This one is geared mostly toward Americans, but feel free to chime in if you're from elsewhere! And if you've noticed other regional differences in pronunciation -- not slang -- then let me know! Collapse )
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More Than a Feeling

(Still experimenting with this whole "post to LJ whenever I feel like it", instead of on a daily schedule. Hmm. Interesting. Also experimenting with YouTube embedding. Used to hate it, but hey. Whatever.)

As a kid, I honestly thought the chorus for this song was, "I say I'll marry you and I want you to work." I remember being very impressed that Boston were such feminists! Unfortunately, Maryann walking away just doesn't have the same ring for me.

And no "My Half Acre" YouTube spam would be complete without Collapse )
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"Collaborators": A Review in Screencaps.

1. My BTVS fic is back online. Long story short: alanna.net's registration expired, and I screwed up on the renewal. Now my name-domain is gone forever. Alas. Last night Petzi nudged me to get my act together, so I've transferred everything over to cappiness.net. Most of the links should work, but tomorrow I'll go through and fix the broken ones.

2. Sylia linked to Michael Jackson's "Thriller": Bollywood style. Funniest thing I've seen all day.

3. Speaking of YouTube: I got an e-mail yesterday that a Daily Show clip I'd uploaded was being removed for copyright violations. I don't really care, since it *was* a violation. ;) But I thought I'd give y'all a heads-up so that you can rewatch your favorite videos there in case they're also taken offline.

4. CalendarLive has an awesome interview with my beloved John Hodgman. (If you don't know the name, he plays the PC in the Mac ads.)

5. Would the US be better off with only one time zone? Nah, I like the current setup. When I first moved to Atlanta, it took me years to adjust to prime time starting at 8pm, after having spent my first 25 years in Texas. Oh, and don't forget to set your clocks back tonight!

6. Oscars create new Truman Capote biopic category. For a moment, I believed it.

7. Salon interviews Daniel Handler, also known as Lemony Snicket. I'm going to miss that series. *sniff*

8. Fighting for ratings dominance at the same time: An interesting NY Times article on how this TV season is the most competitive in recent history.

9. This week I decided to just do my own screencaps for 3.04 (or whatever the hell we're calling it now.) Hard ep to cap, though, because the encode wasn't very good, and the ep was so damn dark in more ways than one. But if you want 'em, here's a zip file! Which brings me to... Collapse )
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"Ah! Waffle! Woo hoo!"

1. At this point, I think I'm mostly watching Heroes for the, er, Hiro. And maybe Woobie!Weiss. Which are certainly two good reasons to watch, no?

2. Forget the fatsuit costume: Jamie Bamber is a pretty, pretty man. (Thanks, indi!)

3. Was looking through my YouTube favorites list and found something I linked months ago: Battlestar Office-ica: an Office fanvid to the BSG theme song. SO FUNNY.

4. The NY Times has a fascinating article on North Korea's digital blackout. That photo is a perfect way of using illustrations to make a point. (link via blue_larkspur!)

5. Scientists have created an invisibility cloak! Can I have one for some of my more "challenging" students?

6. A bit of confusion yesterday regarding the new Trader Joe's in Atlanta. I couldn't figure out why they'd open their first store in Roswell, of all places. Then I was driving through Sandy Springs and saw one going in on Roswell Road. Laughing at the apparent typo, I discovered via Google that they do, in fact, have two different stores IN Roswell and ON Roswell Road. From what I could tell, it looks like the (much closer to me) one will be opening in a month or so. Yay! (Psst... TJ's? My little gentrifying suburb has several new multi-use developments that would be perfect for a third location. Just sayin'.)

7. All those scary new designer handbags? Obviously inspired by horror movies. Hee!

8. I'll be the first to admit that I was wrong about the BSG episode numbering confusion. Tsk, tsk. Turns out that the premiere was actually considered ONE episode, and last week was 3.03; the season finale will be 3.19 (huh?). I'll grudgingly switch over to the new system, despite its lack of common sense.

9. Slate has a fun taste-test of various premade lunches, ala the Lunchables brand. Great advice for parents, sure, but hands up if any other grownups out there have bought 'em too. :)

10. Yup, I watched the first episode of Torchwood last night. "Underwhelmed" isn't the right word, but I didn't fall in love the way I'd expected. I'm about to start episode 2, and I'm quite willing to change my opinion!

11. Autumn's here! The trees are stunning, the air is brisk, and I am blissfully happy. And since autumn always puts me in a Grant Lee Buffalo mood, here are the album and concert versions of "Mighty Joe Moon", my all-time favorite song.
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photo memes + youtube

I've been trying to come up with something to post today, and then trinnifer suggested photos. Well, y'all have already seen most of my recent pics, so I'm taking requests. Anything you'd like me to take a picture of? (Except myself -- that's just scary.)

And since YouTube is a terrible, terrible addiction, here are a few of my favorite vids....

Music, mostly Britpop
-- Pulp, "Babies" and "Disco 2000": I love when Jarvis gets all flaily. The Disco2K captions are also fabulous.
-- Gorillaz, "Clint Eastwood": Animated! And I promise not to whine (again) about how this song would make a perfect Six/Baltar vid. Except I just did. Oops.
-- Elastica, "Connection": A girlband surrounded by twenty naked men. Mmm, yeah. Justine Frischmann was my first girlcrush, thanks to the sneer.
-- Blur, "Coffee + TV": MILKY! (the cute little critter in my icon.) Most adorable video ever. Please watch it, even if you're not a fan of the song.
-- Supergrass, "Late in the Day": Not only is it one of my favorite songs, but pogo sticks!
-- Radiohead, "Street Spirit (Fade Out)": The most beautiful video I've ever seen.
-- Bjork, "Bachelorette": An all-time favorite, with the music and the bizarre/cool storytelling and the pre-war Bauhaus art design. Michel Gondry owns me for life, and it's rather funny to see the seeds of Eternal Sunshine here.

This is getting a bit long, so it's time for some cut-tags.

Collapse )

Collapse )

Collapse )

God, I could do YouTube searches all night. Expect this post to be updated. ;)