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1. A few thoughts on Doctor Who and "Victory for the Daleks". Collapse )

2. I spent this afternoon finishing S1 of The Wire, and I liked it much more as everything built to a head. So I started watching the first two episodes of S2, but I turned it off after that. Too boring. Hopefully I'll have the same experience and enjoy it more as I go. I was thrilled when Amy Ryan showed up, but I still wish that this show had more substantial female characters.

3. Y'know, I think my life would be much better if I liked vegetables. Oh, there are a few that I can deal with, but overall, not a fan. I was even a vegetarian for a few years during grad school, but I quit because, well, didn't like most of the available foods!

4. I finished my Mother's Day present last night. Collapse )

5. Linkspam:
-- Ten simple Google search tricks. I was familiar with several, and I look forward to trying the rest.
-- If you're into obscure history, I recommend the Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast.
-- The Timeline of the Inevitable Glee Backlash. I'm ambivalent about the show, but this was quite familiar from other very-hyped series!
-- Vulture also has an interview with Matt Smith.
-- If you're concerned about privacy, be wary of all those online store coupons.
-- I got a kick out of a professor's analysis of Kesha's "Tik Tok".
-- This writer hates word-of-mouthers who nag you to watch a certain show.
-- MonkeySee discusses the thin barrier between "high" and "low culture.
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A Simon update.

A David Simon update: I'm about 2/3 of the way through S1 of The Wire. I'm liking it more than expected, though on an intellectual level rather than an emotional one. Plus, it's a very male show, which generally doesn't appeal to me. I'm still giving it a shot, though! On the other hand, I really liked the first episode of Treme. I think that's a matter of personal tastes. I liked that Treme had more female characters, and the setting was much more familiar to me since I've spent some time in New Orleans. The plots and characters felt a bit more accessible. I'm looking forward to where it might go!